Tuesday, June 5, 2007


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In lieu of Miscellaneous Outbursts, we're trying a new line of short ditties - Don't Do This at Church!

Each year at Trinity Sunday, nearly every parish musician in his/her right mind will bring with him/her the Gott Vater! That is, the tune Gott Vater, sei Gepriesen, along with a translation of the text by the same name.

Feasts for the week (now including Sundays): St. Boniface; St. Norbert; St. Ephrem; Corpus Christi.
For more information, see the New Advent Website.

Christus Vincit Semi-live at the neighborhood softball field: Today we've gone semi-live from our local softball field, where my daughter Brittany had to play a doubleheader, to play and discuss our music for Trinity Sunday.

God Father, Praise and Glory (tune: Gott Vater, sei Gepriesen)
Holy, Holy, Holy (tune: Nicaea) - two versions of this appear: one as sung at Holy Ghost Church as the recessional hymn, the other as sung by Joshua Burke, courtesy of Podsafe.

Eucharistic Congress 2007 (Segment recorded by Greg and Jennifer Willits of Rosary Army fame!),
iPadre Podcasting Network, Disciples with Microphones

Hymnody in Inflationary Language: God Father, Praise and Glory, brought to you by St. Sabina Church.
Listen for a cool trivia question, and feel free to answer on our message board. Answer will be given next week. No prizes involved. This is just for fun. So please, no wagering!
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