Tuesday, October 9, 2007


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This special show is our 100th, and we're going to party like it's the year 99. Today we have a timeline that skims the 100 shows, thanks to an idea by "Shamusrocks" at the CVA Message Boards.

Feasts for the week:
St. Bridget; St. John Leonardi; St. Denis and his companions;
St. Francis Borgia; Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary;
St. Edward the Confessor. For more information, see the New Advent Website.

What We Have Done, and What We Are Going to Do: Reviewing the music of the Twenty-Seventh Sunday of Ordinary Time, then previewing the music list for the Twenty-Eighth Sunday of Ordinary Time. I also had the pleasure of meeting two podcasters extraordinaire: Greg Willits of Rosary Army and That Catholic Show, and George Leite of Catholic Rockers and Going Fourth. Listen, btw, for a special prayer request during this segment.

I Sing the Mighty Pow'r of God (tune: Ellacombe)
The Worship of God in Nature (Beethoven); Joy, by Charlie Crowe, courtesy of Podsafe.

Commercials: Going Fourth, iPadre Podcasting Network, Disciples with Microphones

Top Ten List: Top Ten Least Popular Things for Shamus O'Reilly to Do within the Next 100 Shows, brought to you by Alleluia Chee-Chee.

Additional Links:
The Weight of Glory, DoxaPod Audio, Odeo, Podcasting News, The Curt Jester,
Catholic: Under the Hood, Christus Vincit TV, Holy Name of Jesus Church (Providence, RI),
St. Leo the Great Church (Pawtucket, RI), St. Anthony of Padua Church (New Bedford, MA)

Blogger's Choice Awards (Voting open until November 11, 2007), CVA Interactive Corner

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