Monday, October 29, 2007


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We scrapped the idea of doing an audio podcast last week in favor of CVTV-2, our second videocast. This week, the audio podcast is back!

Today's hot topic: tips on how to work around that old Allen TC-series organ from the 1960's.

Feasts for the week:
All Saints; All Souls; St. Martin de Porres.
For more information: New Advent Website.

What We Have Done, and What We Are Going to Do: Reviewing the music of the Twenty-Ninth and Thirtieth Sundays of Ordinary Time, then previewing the music list for All Saints and the Thirty-First Sunday of Ordinary Time.

For the Beauty of the Earth (tune: Dix); Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven (tune: Lauda Anima)
O Breathe on Me, O Breath and God (tune: St. Columba)
Ave Verum (Mozart), sung by Valerie Myette, courtesy of Saint Leo the Great Church.

Catholic Hack (Check out the new Catholic Hack t-shirts!),
iPadre Podcasting Network, Disciples with Microphones

Christus Vincit Sports: Red Sox Win the World Series and Patriots Smoke Redskins, brought to you by Christ Extra Whitening Toothpaste. We forgot to mention the sponsor on our show (apologies to the Ironic Catholic), but that is our intended sponsor. During this segment, Shamus tries to grab one beer too many.
Additional Link: The Chabanel Psalm Project

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