Sunday, February 24, 2008


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Today we begin a short series of Holy Week Chants. I figured I'd start on these a little early so you can go prepare if you haven't done so already.

Our first presentation will be for the Liturgy of the Palms. There are five chants involved. Three of these are very short - barely a half-minute long.

Feasts for the Week:
St. Matthias; St. Gabriel of the Sorrowing Virgin
For more information, check out the New Advent Website.

Christus Vincit Semi-Live on I-95: Today we cover the music at the Anticipated Mass for the Third Sunday of Lent this past Saturday at Holy Cross Church, Providence, RI (I subbed for a friend there that day).

Hosanna Filio David (Chant, Mode VII); Pueri Hebraeorum Portantes (Chant, Mode I)
Pueri Hebraeorum Vestimenta (Chant, Mode I)
Gloria, Laus, et Honor (Chant, Mode I); Ingrediente Domino (Chant, Mode II)
The Devil Is Prowling, by Chris Christensen, courtesy of Podsafe

CVA Top Ten List: Top Ten Euphamisms for Liturgical Dance, courtesy of Organist! It's What's for Dinner!
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