Monday, June 6, 2005


This new article by Gary Penkala of CanticaNOVA Publications is great. It's a must read!



Norman said...

I enjoyed (and understood) the first few paragraphs, but it seems that it quickly degenerates into a sales pitch for the website. Not that it is a bad thing though.

Brian Michael Page said...

It does kind of go back and forth, but for what they sell, it's definitely not a bad thing at all. Right now they also have the only piece I wrote published by someone other than myself, so I'm definitely not complaining. :-)

It's great to see an article from someone like Gary who actually IS doing things right and he knows it.


xpat said...

Thank you for those links! Excellent article; also, I've been browsing the site for about 20 minutes, and I've been looking for a source like this.

Joachim the Rabid said...

Joachim the Rabid is happy to see that his own very theory regarding the "major publishers" and the English-language garbage (that's Pankala's term, not mine) has been expoused by a publisher. I am happy to see that I have not been thinking in a vacuum all these years, namely by stating whenever possible that the big "catholic" publishers are simply looking for profits and that they aren't necessarily publishing music for any "pastoral" reason, as the NPM would like us to think...and as the publishers would like us to think, for that matter. Thank you, Cantica Nova for stating that the emperor is butt nekkid. He's been so since the mid 1960's and for the most part, he's still parading around in his birthday suit. (the NPM of course will look at his dangling dangler and swear to the Almighty that he's head to toe in polyester Vat II double knit..Joachim and others know better, however).

Brian Michael Page said...

I am happy to see that I have not been thinking in a vacuum all these years...

Wow Joachim! You just did something I haven't seen you do in a long time: you referred to yourself in the FIRST person. (hehehehe).

Yes, Gary is great, isn't he?


Joachim the Rabid said...

Indeed, yes, Brian. Joachim was emphasizing his point here.