Sunday, March 27, 2011




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First: Christus Vincit Music
The entire Sunday Lectionary for the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter are covered completely for Responsorial Psalms and Alleluias - yes, every Sunday and major feast now has a Psalm setting written by yours truly, and every season has an Alleluia/Gospel Acclamation with respective sets of verses written by yours truly.
As you will see in the CV Music site, there are a number of Psalms for Ordinary Time finished as well, namely those who share an antiphon (or sometimes an entire responsorial Psalm) with other Sundays or feasts outside of Ordinary Time. There are also some Psalms finished for the Proper of Saints as well.

Second: Christus Vincit Media
I have created a new master site that will supply the "master feed" for all of Christus Vincit audio/video media (click on banner above to browse this site). All of your favorite CV podcasts and videocasts will now appear on this feed - Christus Vincit Podcasting (shows 1-48), Christus Vincit ANYWHERE! (shows 49-153), Christus Vincit TV (videos 1-6), iSNARK! (shows 153-166 and will resume just after Easter 2011), and the forthcoming iSNARK! TV (yes, we'll be doing that soon enough too!).
I haven't hooked it up with iTunes yet, but will soon, as iSNARK! will resume its show with #167 on this here feed. Watch for more updates!


Thursday, March 10, 2011



First Sunday of Lent - Be Merciful, O Lord
Second Sunday of Lent - Lord, Let Your Mercy Be on Us
Third Sunday of Lent - If Today You Hear His Voice
Fourth Sunday of Lent - The Lord Is My Shepherd
Fifth Sunday of Lent - With the Lord There Is Mercy

And let's not forget the Gospel Acclamation - Glory and Praise to You (all verses included)

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