Thursday, June 30, 2011


In light of that hideous text titled A Living Faith that has been replacing Faith of Our Fathers in every frickin' hymnal that GIA has published since 1997 (to date: RitualSong, Catholic Community Hymnal, Gather Comprehensive Second Edition, and the forthcoming Worship Fourth Edition and God only knows what next), and the thread on my Facebook wall which has gone off to this very topic...

This parody text is one composed by the late Jay Ricketts back in 1998, back when a few of us on the Yahoo! group Contemporary Catholic Music were taking part in a game called "Trash the Hymn". Some of these were quite good. I'm considering putting the whole collection on a .pdf and linking it.

Anyhoo, without further ado, Faith of Our Relatives, by Jay Ricketts (+2008)

1. Faith of our uncles, aunties too, / each Christmas and Easter they come find a pew
She lost her rosary under the bed / He's got his bible out in the shed
(leveling the legs on his workbench)

Faith of our relatives, lukewarm faith / We might just improve this song to death

2. Faith of our cousins and cousinettes / They haven't seen a Sunday mass yet
Weddings and funerals, a baptism or two / But Sundays they golf, or stay home and get stewed

Faith of our relatives, lightweight faith / We might just improve this song to death

3. Faith of our in-laws, why, only last June / They headed for Sunday mass, at noon
Their first mass in years, but then on a hunch / Drove past the church so they wouldn't miss brunch

Faith of our relatives, marginal faith / We just improved this song to death

MUSIC FOR HOLY MASS (Three-Day Weekend Special)

...though one of the three days is already posted! :)

Fourteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time
July 3, 2011 - Sacred Heart Church, W. Warwick, RI

God of our fathers / "National Hymn"
Gloria (Pope Paul VI) / Connor
I will praise your name for ever / BMP
Alleluia / Mode VI
Faith of our fathers / "St. Catherine"
Sanctus and Agnus (People's) / Vermulst
Memorial C and Amen / Danish
Spirit seeking light and beauty / "Dohmnach Trionoide
Shepherd of souls, refresh and bless / "St. Agnes"
America the Beautiful / "Materna"
- (biting a bullet)


Wednesday, June 29, 2011


As many probably know long before I will have posted this (due to my lazy blogging as of late), your (arch)bishop has the authority to allow their flocks, or "we the sheep", to start using sung settings of the new translation of Mass as early as September 1, 2011 - almost three months before the rest of the new translation is to take place.

In a letter from the worship office of the Archdiocese of Boston, Sean Cardinal O'Malley has granted such permission for the new sung parts (Gloria, Sanctus, Memorial; the Kyrie, Amen, and Agnus are unchanged). Other parts still have to wait until November 27, 2011.

One thing I did learn in this letter (RSCT to Karl from the RPInet boards) (emphasis mine):
Please remember that the official Mass setting for the Archdiocese of Boston is the ICEL chant setting. This setting of the Mass will be included in all English editions of the Roman Missal, and every publisher is required to include this setting as the first option that will appear in their missalettes and participation aids. While your parish may choose to continue using this setting throughout the upcoming Liturgical year, parishes who wish to use other musical settings of the Mass may introduce them after the Advent-Christmas season, beginning in January of 2012.

So - the Archdiocese wants us to learn the official chants first. And to boot, there will be no more worrying about Massive Cremation or the Boston Celtics Mass becoming the default settings in an OCP missalette or a GIA hymnal (although they can be placed in the back with the other "additional settings"). The official chants come first, per order, the Bishops! I cannot rejoice enough for this change!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

MUSIC FOR HOLY MASS (Double Trouble Revisited)

Sacred Heart Church, West Warwick, RI

The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ - June 26, 2011
Sat. Vigil 5 PM; Sun. 7:30, 9, and 11:15 AM (First Communion at 11:15)
Mass in the Ordinary Form

Lift up your heads, ye mighty gates / "Truro"
Gloria (Pope Paul VI) / Connor
Praise the Lord Jerusalem/Alleluia (Respond and Acclaim) / Alstott
Alleluia! sing to Jesus / "Hyfrydol"
Sanctus/Agnus (People's) / Vermulst
Jesus, my Lord, my God, my All / Donnelly

7:30 and 9:00:
O Salutaris Hostia / Duguet
Holy God, we praise Thy Name / "Grosser Gott"

5:00 (Benediction) and 11:15 (Procession):
same as 7:30 and 9, but with Tantum Ergo / "St. Thomas" sandwiched in between.

Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus (Patronal Feast)
Friday, July 1, 2011 - 6 PM / Mass in the Extraordinary Form

Ordinary: Mass VIII / Propers: The Complete Proper of the Mass (Koch and Greene)

Processional: O Sacred Heart, O Love divine
After Offertory Proper: Cor Dulce, Cor Amabile
During Communion: Adoro Te Devote / Mode V
Recessional: To Jesus' Heart All-Burning

Procession follows - hymns same as the 11:15 Procession on Corpus Christi


Friday, June 17, 2011


I had a few of those this week. Three of them while at my daughter Brittany's softball games.

Monday 6/13/11 - O God, Almighty Father (tune: Gott Vater, sei Gepriesen)
Tuesday 6/14/11 - It's Cold Outside (by The Choir. For those who have never heard of The Choir, they are a Cleveland-based band from the mid to late 1960's. Three of the band's members - Wally Bryson, Dave Smalley, and Jim Bonfanti - all joined Eric Carmen in 1970 to form my all-time favorite band Raspberries.)
Wednesday 6/15/11 - To Jesus' Heart All Burning
Thursday 6/16/11 - Credo III
Friday 6/17/11 - (AGAIN!) To Jesus' Heart All Burning


Monday, June 13, 2011


Cross-posting with the iSNARK! Media feed page

To all viewers, listeners, readers, etc.

For the past few years, a flock of eighty-some strong came over and joined us at Fans of the iSNARK! at Facebook. Many of you hung around, even during my hiatus of just over a year. For that, I say, THANK YOU!

Since Facebook updated the group site, there is no longer a way to invite people to join the group. Just simply add people from your friends list and they're in. But what if you have friends that don't want to be in our little group? Add them, and they're in. But those friends might get just a bit PO'd. Some to the point of not just leaving your group, but by leaving your friends list. And I for one am not good at holding hostages!

For that reason, I created a new group site on Facebook, titled (for now) The NEW Fans of the iSNARK! Page. This is going to be the new iSNARK! page for Facebook. With this group site, it is YOUR call whether or not you would like to "Like" the page. That gets you in - at your will, not mine. OF COURSE: I'd LOVE for you to go to the page and "Like" it (hitting the "Like" button. But at least it will be your will.

So please, if you joined us at one point on the old "Fans of the iSNARK!" page (formerly "Fans of Christus Vincit ANYWHERE!", btw), or would like to join, simply go to the new site and hit the "Like" button. Thank you much for your support!



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(pretty please!)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

MUSIC FOR HOLY MASS (Triple Trouble!)

Sacred Heart Church, West Warwick, Rhode Island

Wedding Mass - 3 PM - Saturday, June 11, 2011

First wedding Mass for me in about four years! And the couple was very easy to deal with. The two requests they had I was able to fulfill. I ran through choices on everything else and almost everything I used was the first thing I played for them in each category. So, here goes!

Prince of Denmark's March / Clarke
Canon in D / Pachelbel (the only bullet I'm really biting - the Taco Bell Cannon, or Sominex Canon)
The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord / BMP
Alleluia / "O Filii" and Tone 2D, arr. BMP
Ave Maria / Schubert
Messa 'Cristo Riscuciti' / Picchi
Come, my way, my truth, my life / "The Call"
Joyful, joyful, we adore thee / "Hymn to Joy"
Trumpet Tune / Purcell

Pentecost Vigil and Sunday - June 11/12, 2011
Sat. 5 PM; Sun. 7:30, 9, and 11:15

Come, Holy Ghost/ Lambillotte
Gloria (Pope Paul VI) / Connor
Lord, send out your Spirit / "Respond and Acclaim", Alstott
Veni, Sancte Spiritus / Pentecost Sequence, in Latin (Sunday only)
Alleluia / "O Filii" and Tone 2D, arr. BMP
Fire of God, undying flame / Nun komm, der heiden heiland
Sanctus/Agnus (Cristo Riscuciti) / Picchi
Spirit seeking light and beauty / "Dohmnach Trionoide"
Regina Caeli / Mode VI
Now thank we all our God / "Nun Danket"

Most Holy Trinity - June 18/19, 2011
Sat. 5 PM; Sun. 7:30, 9, and 11:15

Come now, almighty King / "Italian Hymn"
Gloria (Pope Paul VI) / Connor
Glory and praise for ever/Alleluia / both from "Respond and Acclaim", Alstott
Holy, holy, holy / "Nicaea"
Sanctus/Agnus (People's) / Vermulst
When we eat this bread/Amen / Danish
De Trinitate / Tune: Anon.; Text: Adam of St. Victor (found in the Pius X Hymnal)
Jesus, my Lord, my God, my All / "Sweet Sacrament"
O God, almighty Father / "Gott Vater, sei Gepriesen"


Friday, June 3, 2011


Seventh Sunday of Easter - June 5, 2011
Sacred Heart Church, West Warwick, RI

Hail the day that sees him rise / "Llanfair"
Gloria (Pope Paul VI) / Connor
I believe that I shall see... / Alstott
Alleluia / BMP, arr. from "O Filii" and Tone 2D
Christ is alive / "Truro"
Sanctus/Agnus (Cristo Riscuciti) / Picchi
Christus Vincit / BMP
Regina Caeli / Mode VI
A hymn of glory let us sing / "Lasst uns erfreuen"