Monday, December 27, 2010


Sorry it's been a while since I've last blogged here. Lots has happened as of late.

Let's go back to just a few months ago. My landlord, well, now ex-landlord, is what some like to call a "lying sack of shit". Last summer, on the weekend of my wife's birthday, he approached us and said "I have family coming in from California and I need to give them the apartment." Now, we had just moved there at the end of last February. Rent's paid up and he gives us that line of crap. So, he gave us until the end of August to pack up our duds and skedaddle on out.

We landed up leaving at the end of September and stayed at my mom's for about two weeks. Didn't work out. Long story that cannot be discussed in an open forum such as Facebook or this blog. Anyhoo, we went to my mother-in-law's instead and stayed there until just after Thanksgiving. (Incidentally, two days after we got to my mom's, my daughter Brittany discovered a "For Rent" sign in front of our old place. Thus, we caught our ex-landlord in a bold-faced lie!)

That weekend we got our own little "pot to piss in" (my mother would often say that - usually in contexts such as "How the hell can you afford that when you don't even have a pot to piss in?"). We're actually in an apartment building now, and it's quite nice. Heat's included in the rent (a major plus when you live in New England), and I'm paying $5 a month LESS than at our previous apartment where we had to pay for our heat.

Now that we've gotten established, and past Christmas in one piece (I hope you all had a happy and blessed one), and now that I'm caught up on another new project, I can finally post here.

Christus Vincit Music is finally available in blog form! YES YES YES it is! Easy to reach at My new Holy Angels Mass is posted there. My Psalm settings are getting posted there, feast by feast - yes, the very Psalms (some updated) that you can also find at the Chabanel site. I'm dubbing the my own Psalm collection by the name I had given it a decade and a half ago: Psalm 151. And with the Revised Grail Psalter being released in just one week, I can FINALLY get started on adapting the settings to the RGP translation. That last sentence alone truly excites me!

Well, off to do some more re-writing!