Tuesday, January 31, 2012

WORSHIP IV, THE FOLLOW-UP (Part the sixteenth)

Sections covered in this one: Mission/Ministry, Social Concern
* = new to the Worship series

*781 God Has Chosen Me (B. Farrell) - just an awful piece of music, text and tune!
*782 God the Spirit, Guide, and Guardian (Morris) - nice text, but certainly not the most easily-singable tune.
*783 Here I Am, Lord (Schutte) - Too late, they've already gone, and so should this piece.
*784 You Are Called to Tell the Story ("Cwm Rhondda") - gorgeous tune, garbage text.  How about those two classics that the St. Michael Hymnal uses (with that same tune)?  "Guide Me, O Thou Great Redeemer" and "God of Grace and God of Glory"?
*786 God Sends Us Forth (Alonso) - garbage
*787 The Spirit Sends Us Forth to Serve ("Azmon") - one of the better OCP staples, though seems a bit "us-centered".  Tune is in a better key than in OCP (OCP's key is F, is in G here in Worship IV).
*788 Come and See the Many Wonders ("Abbot's Leigh") - nice text by Harry Hagen, OSB, one of the consistantly good Benedictine hymn writers.
*789 O God, Whose Healing Power (Sensmeier) - tune has a weird ending.  "Llangloffan" would be a nice alternative tune.
790 Lord, You Give the Great Commission ("Abbot's Leigh") - I was wondering where this one went.  In Worship III it was in the Ascension section.  That said, this and #788 should have been put together, with one of them printed as text only in the pew book.
*791 God, Bless Your Church with Strength ("Diademata") - Wow! I never thought any hymn was set to that tune other than "Crown Him with Many Crowns", with the exception of "Soldiers of Christ, Arise" (found in the Pilgrim Hymnal, which may still appear in some UCC pews), and my own paraphrase of the St. Francis Peace Prayer (which got lost in a nasty fire on XI-14-03).
792 Go, Make of All Disciples ("Ellacombe") - Worship II used a different tune (title eludes me at the moment), but at least used thees and thous.  Worship III and IV both use "Ellacombe", a fine tune by all means, but the text was, of course, bastardized.
*793 See My Hands and Feet ("Geneva") - I've always liked the half minor/half major motif in the tune.  Anyone on the text?
*794 To Be Your Presence ("Engelberg") - text questionable.  Tune excellent.
*795 The Thirsty Cry for Water, Lord (Sensmeier) - another weird tune by Randall Sensmeier, this time not so much strange rythymic ending, but strange melodic intervals (experimenting with G harmonic minor).
*796 As Birds of the Air ("Middlebury") - tune most commonly used with "Come Away to the Skies".  A mirror-image of another Early American tune, "Jacob's Ladder", oft-used with "As Jacob with Travel Was Weary One Day", though the latter tune is far better.  The former sounds more like one of those pseudo-folk songs of the 1970's that we often had to put up with.
797 God, Whose Purpose Is to Kindle ("Ebenezer") - better tune than what was in Worship III.
*799 We Are Called (Haas) - Dennis DeYoung of the 70's/80's pop-rock band Styx should have gotten some kind of writer's royalty for having the first line of "Come Sail Away" ripped off.  The tune is just awful.
*800 Jesus, Our Divine Companion ("Pleading Savior") - I've been waiting a long time for a hymnal other than "We Celebrate" and "Hymnal 1940" to carry this hymn.  Two strikes: should be "Jesus, THOU Divine Companion" (see Hymnals 1940 AND 1982), and the key (E-flat) is too low.
801 Lift Every Voice and Sing ("Anthem") - often known as the national anthem of African Americans (which I say in a very positive sort of way).  Tune is nice.  Text is your run-of-the-mill social justice dreck.  Key was dropped in this edition: was in A-flat in Worship III, leading to a few high F's in the melody, while in G in Worship IV (still high E's, but the low is now a B below middle C).
*802 We Cannot Own the Sunlit Sky (Lowry) - see my remark about #684 in a previous post.
*803 If You Believe and I Believe (Zimbabwean; adapt. from English - go figure) - The tune itself is reminiscent of a Dutch tune used for the Advent hymn "Prepare the Royal Highway", and could work well as a decent tune for 76 76 D hymns with the right accompaniment.
*804 We Sing Your Praise, O Christ ("Southwell") - nice tune; questionable text.

Hey, we finally got into the 800's.  Next installment: Stewardship

Monday, January 30, 2012

WORSHIP IV, THE FOLLOW-UP (Part the fifteenth)

Sections covered this installment: Christian Life, Humility, Discipleship
* = new to the Worship series

*747 God, Your Knowing Eye Can See (Angel) - tune written by Chris Angel, not to be confused with Criss Angel ("Mindfreak" - a show my daughter Brittany likes), nor to be confused with "Ballykissangel", a Irish-set TV drama.  That said, the text reeks of social justice and the tune sounds like something Tim Manion would write.
*749 God Made from One Blood ("Foundation") - Text is a bit strange.  Might need your help!
*750 Lord, Grant Us Grace to Know the Time ("St. Anne") - this one is in B-flat.  I mentioned that the hymn "St. Anne" is most commonly associated with, "O God, Our Help in Ages Past", appears in C in this hymnal.  Suggestion there: a footnote: This tune in a higher key, #689.  Hymn title here: strange.  Middle verses don't seem too bad here, but that title makes me think of a Chicago favorite of mine, "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is".  (Does anybody really care about time?)
*751 Deliver Us, O Lord of Truth ("Detroit") - Text seems ok.  Tune rather good.
*752 The Word of God Rings Harsh and Clear ("Ellacombe") - A song about the people who "fixed their scales for cheating" and other such dirty deeds.  Tune is excellent.
*753 Too Often, God, Your Name Is Used (Morris) - Basic four verses is fine.  Lose the alternate last verse.  If this is a Catholic hymnal, why are we catering to "interfaith services".  Musically, I'd much rather use the alternate tune offered in the footnote ("Kingsfold"), however, there are already seven hymns set to this fine tune.  I do believe a good minor-key tune would be nice (Sally Ann Morris' tune here is in F-minor, but is too sing-songy).  I will once again nominate "Halifax" (melody from Handel) as an ideal tune.
*754 When We Are Living / Pues Si Vivimos (Mexican) - garbage/basura
*755 Lord, Make us Servants of Your Peace ("O Waly Waly") - good translation of the Peace Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi from the pen of Fr. James Quinn, SJ (who died in 2010, little did I know).  A viable alternative to Sebastian Temple's "Make Me a Channel of Your Peace".  "O Waly Waly" is a fine tune when rendered properly.  For those who may still find it questionable, I recommend "Erhalt Uns Herr".
*756 The Virtue of Humility ("Puer Nobis"/Praetorius) - tune fine, but too low (should be in D, not C).  Text is rather goofy (Sr. Delores wrote it, that should tell you something): The virtue of humility revokes the law of gravity, Makes low be high and high be low, turns upside down the world we know."  This ranks with Sister's own "Sing a New Church", if you know what I mean.
*757 Two People Came to Church to Pray ("Forest Green") - Only two?  I read a little further into it to discover it was the one that prayed pompously ("Thank you, Lord, for making me not like the sinful ones") and the one that prayed humbly ("Lord Jesus, have mercy on me, a sinner").  Always a good story, but probably could have been put to better poetry, or even better, use an already-established hymn that's related (albeit not as direct).
*758 From Shallow Waters Call Us, Lord ("Kingsfold") - text seems ok.  Anyone?
*759 Unless a Grain of Wheat (B. Farrell) - blech!  Too bad Alexander Peloquin's "A Great Harvest" is out of print (also by GIA).  Definitely a viable alternative (definitely a choral piece, not a congregational piece).  However, if you already have a copy, you can make enough copies for your choir legally for a small fee.  Give GIA a call.
*760 Lord, When You Came / Pescador de Hombres (Gabarain) - ok at best.
761 Take Up Your Cross ("Erhalt Uns Herr") - always a good tune, but I'm still partial to "Breslau" (found in most WLP hymnals).  Debuted in Worship III with the tune "O Jesu, Mi Dulcissime", which was also fine.
*762 Christ, the Way We're Called to Follow ("Regent Square") - The first verse ends "Be our Way, our Life, our Truth!"  He already IS!
*763 We Have Been Told (Haas) - garbage
*764 No We Remain (Haas) - see #763
*765 The Baptist Bore Witness ("Foundation") - one of Sr. Delores' far better texts here!  Let's give an alternate key option, however.  Raise this one to G (still singable), and offer the lower key in a footnote.
*766 You Walk along Our Shoreline ("Aurelia") - text not bad at all.  Tune always good, but since the hymn most highly associated with "Aurelia" is in E-flat and this hymn is in D, there should be an alternate key footnote.
*767 Take, O Take Me As I Am (Bell) - nah!
*768 O Christ, Who Called the Twelve ("Terra Beata") - text isn't bad.  Tune is nice.  I still remember it with "This Is My Father's World", which I like.  BTW, where did that hymn go?
*769 Not Alone, but Two by Two ("Aberystwyth") - another weird title set to such a beautiful tune.  "Two by two" is how we were taught to walk in line in grade school!  I don't think all the disciples worked in pairs.  Stephen, I'm almost positive, worked alone (was stoned alone, too).
*770 Fishermen Are Sailing Homeward ("Hymn to Joy") - nice text here, based on a Gospel passage.  Third verse, however, reminds me of an even better hymn, "Christian, Do You Hear the Lord", which was in Worship III, but dropped here.  Said dropped hymn is titled "Hark, My Soul! It Is the Lord" in Hymnal 1940.
*771 Who Follows Jesus? ("Mighty Savior") - text seems ok.  Anyone?  Tune is good.
*772 Called to Labor in God's Vineyard ("In Babilone") - Good viable alternative to Dan Schutte's "Come with Me into the Fields".  Text by Jim Chepponis.  He writes good texts - far better than his own tunes.  Thankfully, this one is set to "In Babilone" ("There's a Wideness in God's Mercy").
*773 The Summons (Bell) - questionable
774 Two Fishermen (Toolan) - originally conceived as "How Brightly Deep, How Glory Sprung" in Worship II, using the exact same chorus as this one.  Changed to "Two Fishermen" in Worship III.
*775 You Call to Us, Lord Jesus ("Ellacombe") - fine
*776 The Love of the Lord (Joncas) - blech!
777 I Danced in the Morning ("Lord of the Dance") - This mistake has been around since Worship II.  Get rid of it already!!!
*778 For God Risk Everything ("Terra Beata") - text is strange.  Help?
*779 Lord, Help Us Walk Your Servant Way ("St. Anne") - so-called "social justice"?

Next installment: Mission/Ministry

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Also the Feast of St. Blaise, Bishop and Martyr - II-3-12, 6 PM
Sacred Heart Church, West Warwick, RI

O Sacred Heart, O Love Divine
Psalm 117: Go out to all the world - Peloquin/Gelineau
Alleluia: Marier
Cor Jesu, Cor Amabile
Sanctus and Agnus Dei: Mass for Christian Unity
Memorial: We proclaim your death / BMP, Holy Angels Mass
Amen: Dresden
Adoro Te Devote / Mode V
To Jesus' Heart, All-Burning


Saturday, January 28, 2012

WORSHIP IV, THE FOLLOW-UP (Part the fourteenth)

Sections covered: Church, Parables/Teachings of Jesus
Reminder: * = new to the Worship series

*726 The Church of Christ Cannot Be Bound ("McKee") - I'll let you readers judge this one!
*727 Sing a New Church ("Nettleton") - Excellent tune.  Text is a complete abomination!  I'll say it again, quoting a former pastor of mine: Why don't we sing of the ONE TRUE CHURCH?
*728 Where Christ Is, His Church Is There ("Salzburg") - text seems ok.  Tune excellent!
*729 You Strode within the Temple, Lord ("Kingsfold") - again text seems ok.  Tune excellent, but too many of the same tune can make a hymnal very boring.  "Halifax" ("Great Shepherd of a Loyal Flock", "'Mid Canyons Deep of Brick and Stone") would be a nice alternative.
*730 Christ, You Formed the Church, Your Body ("Fortunatus New") - the tune Worship II used (and Worship IV revived) for "Sing, My Tongue, the Glorious Battle".
*731 One Is the Body (Bell) - garbage
732 Christ Is Made the Sure Foundation ("Westminster Abbey") - always an excellent hymn, but there is text altered for the umpteenth time.
*733 Church of God, Elect and Glorious ("Abbot's Leigh") - good.  I used to use it at my former parish.  The Music Issue (OCP) uses "Hyfrydol".
*734 As a Fire Is Meant for Burning ("Beach Spring") - text: garbage (that dang "Gathered as One" motif again!)
*735 Living Stones ("Nettleton") - same critique as #734
736 The Church's One Foundation ("Aurelia") - Was in Worship II, changed in Worship III to "O Christ the Great Foundation", restored in Worship IV as "The Church's One Foundation", but someone killed the last verse.  It should end "O happy ones and holy, Lord give us grace that we, like them, the meek and lowly, on high may dwell with Thee."
*737 If Like Is Like a Wedding Feast ("Resignation") - Was the author of this "hymn" inspired by Forrest Gump or something?  After all, life is like a box of chocolates.  You never know whatcher gonna git!
738 O Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit ("Kontakion"/Russian Chant) - Now that we have this, we no longer need "Blest Are They".
*739 My Elder Son, Go Work Today (Krisman) - Text sounds like a dialogue (but then, so did the much more dignified "Watchman, Tell Us of the Night", between "Watchman" and "Traveler").  Tune isn't too bad.  I liken it to something like the "Sussex Carol".
*740 Baited, the Question Rose ("St. Bride") - The passage about the "coin used for the tax".
*741 Build Your City on the Hill ("Puer Nobis Nascitur"/G. Shaw) - This is more of a Christmas tune, as I hear "Unto Us a Boy Is Born" with it.  Low key for this one - C.  "Unto Us" is in D.
*742 O Blest Are You ("St. Columba") - another Beatitudes translation.
*743 To Love Just Those Who Love You ("Aurelia") - Text is ok if you like a Romper Room intelligence, thus killing a nice tune.
*744 What Is the World Like (Morris) - garbage
*745 The Keeper of a Vineyard Dreamed ("Kingsfold") - I'll leave the judging of this text to you, our readers!
*746 If Christ Is Charged with Madness ("King's Lynn") - cool, two Vaughan Williams-harmonized tunes side by side.  But "Madness"?  Christ really didn't go "mad", did he?

Next installment: Christian Life

WORSHIP IV, THE FOLLOW-UP (Part the thirteenth)

Sections covered in this installment: Love, Comfort, Kingdom/Reign of God
* = new to the Worship series

*693 Love One Another (Chepponis) - refrain melody doesn't seem bad.  I don't have the accompaniment, so I can't completely judge the music.
*695 Your Ways Are Not Our Own ("Southwell") - not bad at all
696 Love Is His Word (Krisman) - tune not so hot (Worship III tune, a different one, wasn't either).  Best tune for this hymn is one by Calvin Hampton found in WLP's "We Celebrate".
*698 No Greater Love (Joncas) - blech!
*699 Love Is the Law that Jesus Taught ("Beatus Vir") - nice tune, but #697 ("Lord of All Nations, Grant Me Grace", just two hymns before) already uses that tune.  A wise move would have been to put the two hymns together, going text-only on the second (except in the accompaniment book).
*700 Where Charity and Love Prevail ("Christian Love") - Though I'm partial to the Mode VI "Ubi Caritas" (#694), there is definitely nothing wrong with this WLP staple either (translation: Omer Westendorf, tune: Dom Paul Benoit, who also wrote a good number of really cool organ works).
701 Not for Tongues of Heaven's Angels (Joncas) - the Peter Cutts tune in Worship III ("Bridegroom") is far better.
702 Ubi Caritas (Taize) - now in Latin, English, Spanish, Korean (with hieroglyphics), and Tagalog.  I'm still waiting for a translation into German, Polish, Swahili, some species of Eskimo, and Narragansett Indian. :)
*703 Your Hand, Though Hidden, Guides Us ("King's Lynn") - not a bad text; love the tune!
*704 You Are Mine (Haas) - like "Beagle's Things" and "Be Very Afraid", another tune the English-speaking (and now Spanish-speaking) Church can do without!  (Yes, there is a Spanish text added.)
705 O Jesus, Joy of Loving Hearts ("Wareham") - Was "JESUS, THOU JOY" in Worship II and using the tune "Song 5" by Orlando Gibbons, changed to "O JESUS, JOY" in Worship III and sung to the Mode I tune "Jesu, Dulcis Memoria".  Now using "Wareham".  All three tunes excellent.  Would still prefer "JESUS, THOU JOY", however.
*706 O Christ, Who Shared Our Mortal Life ("Kingsfold") - one of seven hymns set to this tune - a great tune, but seven hymns in one hymnal to the same tune???  Not a bad text either.
707 I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say ("Kingsfold") - The hymn most widely used with "Kingsfold".  The two numbers should have been flip-flopped, and the second being text-only (except in the accompaniment, of course).
708 My Shepherd Will Supply My Need ("Resignation") - key raised to C (was B-flat in Worship II and III).
*710 With a Shepherd's Care (Chepponis) - garbage
*711 O God, You Are My God Alone ("Resignation") - this time in B-flat.  Again, this should have been put together (with "My Shepherd Will Supply My Need", three hymns before), with either the second to text-only, or high-key/low-key on facing pages.
712 The King of Love My Shepherd Is ("St. Columba") - key lowered from E-flat (Worship II and Worship III) to D.
*713 Eye Has Not Seen (Haugen) - garbage
714 How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds ("St. Peter") - glad to see the title switched back.  Was "How SWEET" in Worship II, switched to "How GOOD" in Worship III.
*716 Come to Me (Bell) - blech!
*717 Come to Me, O Weary Traveler (Bob Moore) - probably his best tune!
*718 Nade Te Turbe (Taize) - garbage in all three languages (English, Spanish, and Korean)
*719 If You Have Faith (Krisman) - garbage/basura
*721 Blest Are They (Haas) - They should have kept the Russian chant setting from Worship III if they wanted a good Beatitudes setting.
*722 The Reign of God ("McKee") - the many parables of Christ about the Kingdom of God set to the Spiritual often used for "In Christ There Is No East or West".  One of the better Spirituals, IMO.
*724 Let Us Come Now to the Kingdom ("Holy Manna") - Nice tune, but the text is definitely misplaced.  It's more like one of those foolish "gathering" songs.
*725 We Will Walk With God (Swaziland traditional) - garbage

Next installment: Church (which unfortunately includes that "new Church" thingie)

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WORSHIP IV, THE FOLLOW-UP (Part the twelfth)

Managed to get iSNARK! 186 up and running (the review of the Adoremus Hymnal, Second Edition) in the middle of my continuing series on the title-by-title follow-up of our review of the hymnal Worship, Fourth Edition.
The sections covered in this installment: Lament (I lament when I see a good number of these songs be passed for hymns, believe me, or as the elderly of French-Canadian origin say, "believe you me"!), Blessing, Faith, Trust
* = new to the Worship series.

*668 God Weeps with Us Who Weep and Mourn (Morris) - Note how many times the name "God" is used in just the opening lines alone, just for the sake of refraining from giving God HIS FATHERhood.  Ridiculous.
*669 When Streets Resound with Cries of Grief (Morris) - Way too many jumpy arpeggio jumps in this tune.  I think of Randall DeBruyn's In Perfect Charity which does the same thing.
*670 When Painful Memories Haunt Each Day (Morris) - ok, not only do we have three Sally Ann Morris tunes in a row, two out of three (668 and 670) are the exact same tune!  How about another CMD (Common Metre Double) tune?  (Not Kingsfold, however.  I like Kingsfold, but not to seven hymns in one hymnal.)
*671 May the Lord, Mighty God (Chinese) - no thank you.
672 May the Grace of Christ Our Savior ("Stuttgart") - missing that third verse from Carroll Thomas Andrews that was in Worship II and III.
*673 Faith Begins by Letting Go ("Dix") - Let me put it this way: Faith begins by letting go / of such songs like this, you know... ("Letting Go", pretty much the emotional opposite of one that's in Gather Comprehensive II, called "A Touching Place")
674 We Walk by Faith (Haugen) - Again, pretty much the only Haugen tune I don't mind, although I used to use "St. Anne" at my former parish (we had the Muzak Issue, which also uses the Haugen tune).  Worship III used "Dunlap's Creek".  Another nice tune that would work well for this hymn is "St. Botolph".
*676 A Living Faith ("St. Catherine") - Ah yes, the dreaded "A Living Faith" sadly made its way into the Worship series after infesting "RitualSong", "Catholic Community Hymnal", and "Gather Comprehensive II".  This is the bastardized, watered-down, politically correct, puke-inducing version of "Faith of Our Fathers", where only the first verse is the revered hymn, while the next three verses involve all the other relatives.  Blech!
*677 O God, Who Gives Us Life and Breath (Morris) - another Morris tune that sounds more like a Haugen tune.
*678 Center of My Life (Inwood) - blech!
*679 Show Me Your Hands, Your Feet, Your Side ("Land of Rest") - fine hymn
*680 Be Not Afraid (Dufford) - You should be!  One would find this quite appalling to find this overplayed (especially at funerals) piece of dreck in a Worship hymnal.
*681 Good Shepherd, You Know Us ("St. Denio") - fine hymn
682 You Are the Way (Haugen) - the same tune as "We Walk by Faith".  Appeared in Worship II as "THOU ART the Way" with the tune "Dundee", which is far better, but dropped in Worship III.
*683 To Whom, Lord, Shall We Go ("Festal Song") - Actually a fitting tune for this hymn.
*684 How Can I Keep from Singing (Lowry) - ah yes, the Quaker hymn, as one local friend of mine once called it, "How Can I Keep from Sinking".  Not a fan!
*685 Nothing Is Impossible with God (Chepponis) - sounds like just about any old piano/guitar-driven ilk that one can find in a music issue.
688 A Mighty Fortress Is Our God ("Ein' Feste Burg") - same translation used in Worship II.  Was bastardized to "God Is Our Fortress and Our Rock" in Worship III.  The really cool original rythymic version that appeared as a second tune in II and III is dropped in IV.
689 O God, Our Help in Ages Past ("St Anne") - Key switched back and forth in the melody editions: C in Worship II, B-flat in Worship III, back to C in Worship IV.  We need to bring back the "thees" and "thous", however.
*690 On Eagle's Wings (Joncas) - another one over-requested at funerals.  AKA "Eagle's Claws", and "Beagle's Things".  Like "Be Very Afraid", it's not a hymn, just a love ballad.  I could play this on my radio all day long.  Not at Holy Mass.
*691 The Lord Is My Savior ("Paderborn") - not bad at all; surprisingly the author is not afraid to use the masculine pronouns to refer to the Lord.  Surprisingly even more that GIA allowed it to be included in one of their hymnals.  Tune is nice too, some nice Marian texts have been set to it.
*692 The Storm Is Strong ("Erhalt Uns Herr") - tune good; help me on the text, someone!

Next installment: Love

Thursday, January 26, 2012


I-29-12; Sacred Heart Church, West Warwick, Rhode Island

All numbers: Hymnal 1940

H-326: To the name of our salvation / "Oriel"
Psalm 95: If today you hear his voice, harden not your hearts / Alstott; "Respond and Acclaim"
Alleluia: Marier (verse of the day: tone 5)
H-355.1: All hail the pow'r of Jesus' name / "Coronation"
Sanctus and Agnus Dei: Christian Unity / Vermulst
We proclaim your death, O Lord / BMP
Dresden Amen
Cantate Domino Canticum Novum / d'Indy
H-356.1: At the name of Jesus / "King's Weston"
H-600: Ye holy angels bright / "Darwall's 148th"


Monday, January 23, 2012

WORSHIP IV, THE FOLLOW-UP (Part the eleventh)

Before I go on, a couple of links I would like to share with our readers:
First, another excellent article on the language of hymnody by Professor Anthony Esolen, this one particularly on "Man" - What Is Man?
Also, a nice promo by Daniel Lord on Jeff Ostrowski's great little project, the Vatican II Hymnal.  - Some New Church Music That Isn't Sickening

Continuing on one of GIA's four newest hymnals, Worship - Fourth Edition.  Reminder that this is the follow-up I promised on iSNARK! podcast episode #185.  We're almost halfway through this.  In the middle of it all, I will be commencing work later today on iSNARK! #186, reviewing another hymnal (this one has a cover that is fire engine red, the same shade of red as my dad's old 1970 Chevy Townsman station wagon).

Sections covered in this installment: Petition/Prayer
* = new to the Worship series

*654 When My Soul Is Sore and Troubled (Krisman) - garbage
*655 Eternal Spirit of the Living Christ ("Sursum Corda") - tune nice, dang good text, too!
656 Jesus, Come! for We Invite You (Krisman) - probably one of Ronald Krisman's better tunes.  Something about the text, however.  "Jesus, come! for we invite you, guest and master, friend, and Lord".  Anyone?
*657 Lead Me, Guide Me (Akers) - perfect for the hymnal that bears the same name, but definitely not for the Worship series.
*658 Lord, Teach Us How to Pray ("St. Thomas"/Williams) - nice tune, dumbed down text.
*659 Jesus, Show Us How to Pray ("The Call"/Vaughan Williams) - another nice tune, but would Ralph (or "Raph", depending on who refers to the great RVW) really want a hymn other than "Come, My Way, My Truth, My Life" set to this tune?  Especially a text this awkward?  Verse 2: "When we ask our angry 'Why'", Verse 3: "Filled with fear and nagging doubt".
*660 As a Chalice Cast of Gold ("Dix") - another nice tune, another awkward text.
*661 Be Still, My Soul, before the Lord (Haugen) - I never thought that the tune Haugen used for "We Walk by Faith" (to conclude his "Massive Cremation") would dare be used for another text.  This is probably the ONLY hymn tune by Haugen that's even close to being useful as a hymn tune, btw.  I have to give credit where it's due, the tune isn't bad at all.  Anyone wanna review the text?
662 Come, My Way, My Truth, My Life ("The Call"/Vaughan Williams) - now THAT's more like it!
663 Seek Ye First (Lafferty) - now with a couple of added verses.  This hymn can be done perfectly over Pachelbel's Canon in D, which, to me, is musical Sominex.
*664 We Cannot Measure How You Heal ("Radiant City") - not a bad new tune at all.  Reminiscent of another tune I really like called "Charterhouse".  Text is pretty good too!
*665 Have Mercy, Lord (Morris) - Too much social justice jargon wrapped in a rather poor attempt at a Taize-style song.
666 Silence, Frenzied, Unclean Spirit ("Ebenezer") - Something about the title and the number it is assigned (666) that might go hand in hand.  The tune "Ebenezer" is much more singable than the Carol Doran tune used with this same hymn in Worship III.  Works nicely with the Gospel about the unclean spirit (duh?).
*667 O Lord, Hear My Prayer (Taize) - eh

Next installment: Lament (speaking of which, how many more titles shall we lament?)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

WORSHIP IV, THE FOLLOW-UP (Part the tenth)

Sections covered: Thanksgiving, Grace/Mercy
* = new to the Worship series

631 Father, We Thank You Who Hast Planted ("Rendez a Dieu") - should be "Father, We Thank THEE Who Hast Planted".
632 For the Beauty of the Earth ("Dix") - Reverted to "Dix", which was also the tune in Worship II.  However the text is bastardized in Worship IV.  The tune in Worship III is "Lucerna Laudoniae", which is a nice little David Evans tune.  However, "Dix" is definitely more highly associated with the hymn.
*633 God, Our Father, You Have Granted ("Regent Square") - pretty good text.
634 We Praise You, O God ("Kremser") - Worship II had "We Praise THEE, O God", the proper title.  Hymn was missing in Worship III, returned in bastardized form in Worship IV, but now "We Gather Together" is missing, which was in both II and III.
635 Confitemini Domino (Taize) - originally in Latin only, now with added English, Spanish, and Lithuanian.  Music is maybe third rate at best.
636 Let All Things Now Living ("The Ash Grove") - love the hymn, but loathe the altered text (which neuters the Lord by once again removing any pronouns reflecting God's fatherhood).
*638 Sing a Happy Alleluia (Morris) - Please tell me GIA isn't serious.  They can't be if they're including titles like that!  I started laughing when I saw the title, and I'm thinking (my wife hates the following song, but sorry honey, I have to) "Happy happy joy joy!"  And just when I thought texts by Haugen and Haas were goofy!
*639 In the Lord I'll Be Ever Thankful (Taize) - not so hot!
*640 Shepherd, Do You Tramp the Hills ("Aberystwyth") - Two good hymns I often associate with the lovely tune "Aberystwyth" are missing ("Jesus, Lover of My Soul" and "Watchman, Tell Us of the Night"), and instead we get this title and "Wild and Lone the Prophet's Voice", which I reviewed here.  Sheesh!
642 Love Divine, All Loves Excelling ("Hyfrydol") - need to revert to Worship II text!
*644 The One Who Longs to Make Us Whole ("The Flight of the Earls") - not bad
645 There's a Wideness in God's Mercy ("In Babilone") - love the hymn, but a couple of reversions we need to see: Verse 2: "Than the measures of MAN'S mind", and verse 3 "SOULS OF MEN, why will you scatter..."
*647 When Jesus Passed through Jericho ("Forest Green") - ok text, love the tune
*648 What Love and Deep Devotion (Krisman) - boot it!
*649 God the Sculptor of the Mountains ("Julion") - lovely David Hurd tune, but not-so-lovely text.  "We are formless, shape us now!"
*651 Keep in Mind (Deiss) - A good chunk of the Deiss repertoire is quite good, including this.
*652 Shall Tribulation or Distress (Morris) - nice text, awful tune.
*653 God Is Forgiveness (Taize) - in English, Polish, and Spanish.  ok at best

Next installment: Prayer/Petition

Saturday, January 21, 2012

WORSHIP IV, THE FOLLOW-UP (Part the ninth)

Sections: Light, Word, Praise
* = New to the Worship series

*583 Arise, Your Light Has Come ("Festal Song") - good
*584 Christ, Be Our Light (B. Farrell) - I've grown sick of this one quite quickly
585 I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light ("Houston") - mezza mezza
*586 We Are Marching (South African) - no thank you.
*587 Lord, Jesus Christ/Jesus le Christ (Taize) - nah!
*588 Light Shone in Darkness ("Mighty Savior") - tune nice, text was good till I got to verse 3 "Christ's body, groaning..."
*589 O Radiant Christ, Incarnate Word ("Wareham") - I love the tune.  Text is good also.
*591 Praise to You, O Christ, Our Savior (B. Farrell) - sounds like something from the folk group I grew up with in the early to mid 1970's.  Not the kind of reminder I care to have.
*593 There Is a Story Full of Love ("Land of Rest") - nice tune; however, the text is the first from the pen of Brian Wren that is a miss.
*594 A Year of God's Favor ("St. Denio") - text ok, tune excellent.
*595 In this Place Your Word Is Planted ("Stuttgart") - anyone?
*596 Sing Praise to the Lord / Cantad al Señor (Brazilian) - garbage/basura
*597 Glory and Praise to Our God (Schutte) - see #596
*598 Laudate, Laudate Dominum (Walker) - one of his better musical settings.  Refrain text in Latin and English.  Verses in English and Spanish.  Mix and match, I guess.
*600 Sing a New Song (Schutte) - Well, they dropped the "Yahweh" in verse 1 - a good thing, pursuant to recent Church directives.  The bad thing: the goofy melody is still around.
*603 Bless the Lord, My Soul (Taize) - in English, Spanish, and in Portuguese.
604 Praise the Lord, You Heav'ns, Adore Him ("Hyfrydol") - Worship II: "Praise the Lord, YE Heav'ns, Adore Him", tune "Austria" (which I miss).  Worship III: "Praise the Lord, O Heav'ns, Adore Him", tune "Heavenly Hosts" (an English copyright administered in the USA by GIA).  Now Worship IV: "Praise the Lord, YOU Heav'ns, Adore Him", tune "Hyfrydol" (the first tune I saw this text with - in the 1979 "We Celebrate").
607 All Creatures of Our God and King ("Lasst Uns Erfreuen") - Please revert to the Worship II version of the text.
609 Adoramus Te, Domine (Taize) - still in Latin (good), but now with added English, and Korean hieroglyphics.  WTF???
610 Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven ("Lauda Anima") - we need thees and thous.
611 Joyful, Joyful, We Adore You ("Hymn to Joy") - should be "Joyful, Joyful, We Adore THEE!"  What the hell are they thinking???
612 Sing Praise to the Lord ("Laudate Dominum") - lovely Parry tune.  However, should be "O PRAISE YE the Lord".
*613 Magnificat (Taize) - I got this one to work at my former parish by adding verses of the Magnificat itself in Latin to Tone 6F in between refrains.  A lot better than singing it as a round.
614 Holy God, We Praise Thy Name ("Grosser Gott") - one song they don't DARE to alter, thank God.  Even better, they added the missing verse "Lo, the apostolic train..."
615 God, Whose Song Became Creation (Hopson) - Melody is totally unsingable.  Text isn't so hot either.
616 Praise to the Lord, the Almighty ("Lobe den Herren") - text changes again (bad), and a lower key - key of F (good).
*618 Alabare (M.J. Alonso/J. Pagan) - garbage
*619 Jubilate, Servite (Taize) - music not so hot. (text in Latin, English, Spanish)
620 Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence ("Picardy") - missing thees and thous.
*621 Soli Deo Gloria (Haugen) - Only the refrain is in Latin.  The music is typical Haugen fare.  Blech!
*622 Praise Our God and Savior (Taize) - mezza...
*623 Heaven Is Singing for Joy (Sosa) - bilingual English/Spanish, music is garbage
*624 Canticle of the Turning ("Star of County Down") - The tune is an Irish tune that seems to mirror "Kingsfold".  However, the title makes no sense, nor does the primary lyric "The world is about to turn."  The world is already turning.
*626 You, Lord, Are Both Lamb and Shepherd ("Picardy") - Originally known as "Christus Paradox" in the RitualSong hymnal (was set to "Westminster Abbey").  Text is a little strange ("You, the everlasting instant" begins the closing lines of each verse).
627 O God, beyond All Praising ("Thaxted") - nice new middle verse, and I like the "Christ, the man from heaven" cliche.  A million points for that!
*628 Come, Christians, Join to Sing ("Madrid") - nice addition, and in A-flat.

Next installment: Thanksgiving.

Friday, January 20, 2012

WORSHIP IV, THE FOLLOW-UP (Part the eighth)

Sections: Christ the King, Creation, Providence
Reminder: *=new to the Worship series

*561 At the Name of Jesus (Clemens) - a round that reminds me of an old J.S. Paluch standby, "Shalom, My Friends".
*562 Let Kings and Prophets Yield Their Name (Krisman) - I'll let you judge.
563 At the Name of Jesus ("King's Weston") - the REAL "At the Name of Jesus"!  However, in another attempt by a major publisher to neuter God the Father, "'Tis the Father's pleasure we should call him Lord" became "It is God's good pleasure we should call him Lord."  Possible candidate for WTF Award number four???  A new verse 2 added, a couple of verses removed.
565 The King of Glory (Israeli/Jabusch) - Take it away, please.  Liturgical dance is not allowed!  Repeat, liturgical dance is not allowed!
566 All Hail the Pow'r of Jesus' Name ("Coronation") - missing two verses
*567 O Christ, What Can It Mean for Us (Morris) - "A different kind of king?" (Mind you, the same nun that wrote "Sing a New Church" wrote this text).  The tune isn't so hot either.  And another thing: is it me, or does Sally Ann Morris have this knack for topping hymns off to a high E-flat?  Every one I've seen of hers tops off at E-flat.
569 Jesus Shall Reign ("Duke Street") - Lowered key to C.  We're using this hymn this Sunday - in the normal key, D.
571 Crown Him with Many Crowns ("Diademata") - Must restore verse 5 to "Crown Him the Lord of years, THE POTENTATE OF TIME, Creator of the rolling spheres INEFFABLY SUBLIME".  Even Shamus O'Reilly knows what that means!
*573 Let All Creation Bless the Lord ("Lobt Gott den Herren") - Nice Vulpius tune.  Words are a bit strange, however.
574 All Things Bright and Beautiful ("Royal Oak") - lovely hymn, but again, God the Father has been neutered.  How many times can you repeat the name "God" in one verse without it sounding like a first grade reading book?  "God (formerly "HE") made their glowing colors, God (again, formerly "HE") made their tiny wings."  "See God.  See God make birds.  See God make wings for the birds..."
*576 Canticle of the Sun (Haugen) - take it away!!!  Far, far away!!!
*577 God of the Sparrow ("Roeder") - Utter garbage, especially the text.
*578 How Great Thou Art ("O Store Gud") - I never thought for a million eons that this depressing, very often misplayed (and overplayed) song would make it in a Worship volume.
*580 O God, You Search Me (B. Farrell) - Not bad, probably the best work of Bernadette Farrell.  Doesn't say much for the rest of her dreck, trust me.  All one has to do is look at "God Has Chosen Me" in almost any Muzak Issue over the past 20-some years.
*581 We Are Known and Not Unnumbered ("Lauda Anima") - Love the tune.  Can't say the same for the text.
*582 When You, Lord, Walked ("Morning Song") - seems ok.  Anyone?

Next installment: Light

Thursday, January 19, 2012


...that most of the people who express a disagreement to a blog post leave no profile, only a nickname?  Reminds me of the time I blogged about Barack Sadaam Hussein Obama bin Laden.


I-21-12; Church of the Sacred Heart
West Warwick, Rhode Island

(H-780) Christ is made the sure foundation / "Westminster Abbey"
Gloria (if sung): Gloria Simplex / Proulx
Psalm 25: Teach me your ways, O Lord / Alstott; "Respond and Acclaim"
Alleluia: Marier (If you have a St. Michael Hymnal, it's #223)
(H-570.2) O Jesus, I have promised / "Day of Rest"
Sanctus and Agnus Dei from "Mass for Christian Unity" / Vermulst
We proclaim your death, O Lord from "Holy Angels Mass" / BMP
Dresden Amen
In Thee is gladness / "In der ist Freude"
(H-405) I sought the Lord, and afterward I knew / "Artavia"
(H-542) Jesus shall reign wheree'er the sun / "Duke Street"

I-22-12 (Sat.): Funeral Mass at 10 AM

UPDATED I-20-12 to reflect the WSHR request line!
("SHR" stands for "Sacred Heart Radio" - hehehehehe!)

Requiem Aeternam / Mode VI
(W-524) Holy God, we praise Thy name / "Grosser Gott"
Psalm 23: My shepherd is the Lord... / Gelineau
Alleluia: Marier
Ave Maria: Schubert
Sanctus and Agnus XVIII
Morten tuam annuntiamus, Domine / "Jubilate Deo"
Dresden Amen
Lux Aeterna / Mode VIII
Panis Angelicus / Franck

I  believe that my Redeemer Lives / St. Louis
How great Thou art /  "O Store Gud"

H=Hymnal 1940 (Maroon) / W=Worship III


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

WORSHIP IV, THE FOLLOW-UP (Part the seventh)

Trinity, Body and Blood of Christ, Sacred Heart
* = new to the Worship series

*548 O Dawn of All Creation ("Andujar") - one of some really good hymn tunes by David (not Bob) Hurd.  However, being in the Trinity section of the hymnal, I'm still trying to find a Trinitarian connection with the text.  I see descriptors such as "Dawn of all creation", "Light of incarnation", and "Flame of transformation", but no direct invoking of the Father, the Son, and/or the Holy Spirit.
549 Come Now, Almighty King ("Italian Hymn") - tune name aka "Moscow" and "Trinity".  Should be "Come, THOU Almighty King".  Missing another good hymn with the same tune: "Thou, Whose Almighty Word" (which was bastardized in Worship III to "God, Whose Almighty Word")
*550 How Wonderful the Three-in-One ("Rockingham") - the tune often used with "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross".  I like this better than the Early American tune ("Prospect"?) that is often used with this.
*552 The Play of the Godhead ("Bedford Park") - tune written by Robert Batastini, not bad.  However, almost any hymn text (including this one) that has "dance" in it, and even worse, the rhyming word "romance", gives me the shivers.  I mean, these words are perfectly acceptable in any pop love ballad, but not in a hymn.
553 Holy, Holy, Holy ("Nicaea") - please revert to Worship II text
*554 Come, Join the Dance of Trinity ("The Flight of the Earls") - see my note about "dance" in #552, above.
556 Adoro Te Devote / Hidden Here before Me (Mode V) - The third line of music is missing a note.  Those who know the hymn as well as I will spot it.  This musical alteration was also used in Worship III.  The correct melody was used in Worship II.  Also, there has been a different translation each issue - Worship II: "Godhead Here in Hiding"; Worship III: "God with Hidden Majesty"; Worship IV: "Hidden Here before Me".  The Worship II version is best.  Even OCP has been using it as of late.
557 O Food of Exiles Lowly / O Esca Viatorum ("Innsbruck") - tune name aka "First Friday" (probably in association with "O Sacred Heart, All-Holy").  Nice to see the added Latin.
*558 Tell the Gospel's Boundless Riches ("Rustington") - nice stirring Parry tune.  Text, for coming from Sr. Delores, actually isn't bad at all.
*559 O Christ, Your Heart Compassionate ("Resignation") - good
560 To Christ the Prince of Peace ("Festal Song") - Worship III used the tune "Narenza".  While "Festal Song" is a fine tune, "Narenza" seems to have a stronger association with this particular text.

Next installment: Christ the King

Monday, January 16, 2012

WORSHIP IV, THE FOLLOW-UP (Part the sixth)

Ascension, Pentecost
*  = new to the Worship series

529 Hail the Day that Sees Him Rise ("Llanfair") - go back to the Worship II text
530 A Hymn of Glory Let Us Sing ("Lasst uns Erfreuen") - they ADDED a verse.  Coo1!
*531 Since Our Great High Priest, Christ Jesus ("All Saints") - nice addition!
*532 Go to the World ("Sine Nomine") - weak text.  Save the tune for "For All the Saints".
535 Spirit Divine, Inspire Our Prayer ("Graefenberg") - third title in three issues.  Worship II: ATTEND Our PRAYERS.  Worship III: ACCEPT Our PRAYERS.  Worship IV: INSPIRE Our PRAYER.  I believe a verse or two was also added.
*536 O Spirit All-Embracing ("Thaxted") - not bad for a Dufner text
*537 Come Spirit Blest / Ven Creador (Krisman) - I'd rather stick with/Profiero seguir con "Come Holy Ghost" and/y "Veni Creator Spiritus", thank you very much/muchos gracias.
538 Veni, Sancte Spiritus (Taize) - Partial to the actual sequence chant
*539 Laus Tibi Sancte Spiritus ("O Filii et Filiae") - Latin refrain (commendable).  English verses - you be the judge.
*540 Holy Spirit, Come to Us (Taize) - in English, Spanish, and Latin - reminds me of this goofy round we had to sing in fifth grade, "Love, love, love, love, Christians, this is your call..."
541 Holy Spirit, Lord Divine ("Veni, Sancte Spiritus"/Webbe) - tune is a welcome edition.  Text is a translation of the "Veni Sancte" by my local colleague, Peter Scagnelli.
*545 Living Spirit, Holy Fire (True) - text by Ruth Duck, tune by Lori True.  I'll pass the buck to you, the reader.
547 Spirit of God within Me (Joncas) - The tune in Worship III is better.  The tune "St. Christopher" would work well also.

Next installment: Trinity.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


And now there are three - a record in one month!

It started with the traffic cop who doesn't know a red light from a green light.

Now I have TWO more to add!  This makes a record THREE WTF awards in one month!

First, one - dateline: Cranston High School West, Cranston, Rhode Island.  Picture this:
The school, for over fifty years, has had a nice little prayer banner in the school's auditorium, not hurting anyone.  In fact, the prayer was written by a guy, David Bradley, who was in the seventh grade at the time he was asked to write it.  He will be 65 this Thursday.
Fast forward to 2012 - this Jessica Ahlquist, CHSW student and resident atheist, with the help of her daddy and the infamous American Civil Liberty (Deprivation) Union, er, ACL(D)U, get a federal judge to order the banner taken down.  So apparently any Christian religion is not ok, but atheism, which is a religion in itself (albeit without a God), is.
Incidentally, Governor Lincoln Chafee, to whom I gave a WTF award last month for insisting the Christmas tree he less-than-ceremoniously lit is nothing more than a "holiday tree", supports the judge's decision.  Why should I not be surprised?
To add insult to injury, now that Miz Ahlquist got her wish, she now fears for her life (apparently there have been threats against her, not surprising; I wish no harm on anyone, but I have to say, it's not surprising) and she no longer wants to attend Cranston West, the very school she just (by some fluke) successfully sued.  In fact, it's been noted in a Facebook thread that she is looking to attend LaSalle Academy in Providence - a Catholic high school.  I suppose she'll be looking to do similar damage to that school as well?!  One can only hope whoever is in charge of admissions at LaSalle will note Miz Ahlquist's behavior when deciding whether or not to let her in, if what I read is true, that is.
So, this makes Jessica Ahlquist the second WTF Award recipient of January 2012.

Now for the latest one - dateline: a Citizens Bank branch inside a Stop and Shop supermarket.
Normally you would think that a bank is the easiest place to ask for something as simple as a couple of rolls of quarters.  For months, I have been able to do that with no problem.  The supermarket branch is open for a brief time on Sundays and some holidays (they'll be open tomorrow, MiLK Day from 11-3), something normal bank branches do not do.
This afternoon, after I finished my last Mass of the day, I went to the Stop and Shop near home to pick up a gallon of milk and grab a couple of rolls of quarters so we can do our laundry (we have a laundry room downstairs in our apartment building).  This time, I get "Do you have an account here?"  I said to the teller, "No, but I get them here all the time.  Why?"  "Because we're not allowed to take money from non-customers," she said.  "Since when?  That's new to me."  "It's not new.  I'll do it this one time as a courtesy."  So from now on you need an account just to make change?  What the sam hell is this dame (or her employer) thinking?  It's not like my $20 bill is going to bounce like a basketball check.  It's that kind of service that just gives me more reason NOT to start account with Citizens.  What kind of tie-ups would I encounter if my money did land up there?  No thanks, I don't want to know.  Oh, and further, as of a little over a year ago, they now charge seven bucks to cash a check that's drawn on their bank if you don't have an account.  As my mother would say about banks and utilities, "The bigger they get, the worse they get!"
So, WTF Award number three for January 2012 goes to Citizens Bank.


Saturday, January 14, 2012


I for one can appreciate Tim Tebow's taking a knee in prayer.  We all could use a little prayer.  You see, Tim is not necessarily praying for a win.  He could be praying that he at least finishes the game in one piece.  At the same time, he is very likely thanking Almighty God for giving him the talent to do what he does as well as he does.  Of course, winning is an added bonus.  Won't happen against the Patriots, but Tim is by all means doing the right thing.

After all, (I now quote my pastor) would you rather live with the Tebows, or would you rather live with the Kardashians?

Or even better: Would you rather live LIKE the Tebows, or would you rather live LIKE the Kardashians?  I'll take the former, thank you very much.


WORSHIP IV, THE FOLLOW-UP (Part the fifth)

Now for the Easter section of the hymnal.  * = new to the Worship series.

*498 Christ Is Risen! Shout Hosanna! (Haas) - I like Brian Wren's poetry.  So many good 87 87 D tunes out there and they pick a tune by David Haas.  Sheesh!
*499 Day of Delight ("In Der Ist Freude") - Love the tune.  Used it last fall with "In Thee Is Gladness".  However, this version was altered to be a responsory.  The refrain text is nice.  The verses could be too easily likened to Haugen's hideous "Canticle of the Sun".
*500 Goodness Is Stronger than Evil (Bell) - garbage
*503 Alleluia! Jesus is Risen! ("Earth and All Stars"/Johnson) - nice
*504 Earth, Earth, Awake (Morris) - the other Morris tune that is good.  That makes two out of a boatload.
*505 Christ Has Risen (Morris) - garbage (more typical)
*506 Who Are You Who Walk in Sorrow ("Holy Manna") - ???? (Hint: this text is copyrighted by NaPalM, administered by GIA).
507 O Sons and Daughters ("O Filii et Filiae"/Mode II) - always nice, but I prefer "YE Sons and Daughters".
508 This Is a Day of New Beginnings ("Rendez a Dieu") - better tune that what was in Worship III
511 The Strife Is O'er ("Victory") - "Lord by the stripes which wounded YOU?????"  WTF?????
512 At the Lamb's High Feast We Sing ("Salzburg") - bring back the thees and thous please!
*513 They Disbelieved for Joy ("Festal Song") - the most familiar text to go with this tune is "Rise Up, O Men of God" (aka, "Rise Up, O Saints of God").  However, the text might be a little off, considering the only one that "disbelieved" that I know of was Thomas (Didymus).
*517 Rise to Sing! the Light Is Breaking ("Pethel") - not bad at all
*518 Joyful Bells Ringing / Suenen Campanas (Bertolino) - I think of Cielito Lindo when I sight-read this piece, along with a couple of guitars, a guitarra (that big really fat guitar), and a few trumpets.  Not exactly my idea of what I want to be singing at Mass - even in English.
519 Regina Caeli (Mode VI) - with a new English translation.  I like the one in Worship III better.
*521 We Walk His Way (South African) - no thanks!
*522 Be Not Afraid, Sing Out for Joy (Taize) - in English, Czech, Polish, and Croatian.  No matter which way you slice it, still not a keeper!
*523 Christ the Lord Is Ris'n! (Ghanaian) - I'll pass!
*525 Surrexit Christus (Taize) - in Latin, English, and Lithuanian. eh...
526 Sing with All the Saints in Glory ("Hymn to Joy") - now with added Spanish.  I still like the Worship II version better ("Sing with all the SONS OF glory...")

Next installment: Ascension and Pentecost


Friday, January 13, 2012

WORSHIP IV, THE FOLLOW-UP (Part the fourth)

This installment includes music and muzak under the Lent and Holy Week categories.
* = new to the Worship series.

*459 Jesus, Tempted in the Desert ("Ebenezer", aka "Ton-y-Botel") - fine
*460 Restore Us, O God (Clemens) - scrap it!
461 Lord, Who throughout these Forty Days ("St. Flavian") - revert to the Worship II version, please.
462 Somebody's Knockin' at Your Door (Spiritual) - scrap it!
*463 From Ashes to the Living Font ("St. Flavian") - text ok, but partial to "Lord who throughout"
*464 Crucem Tuam (Taize) - ok
*465 The Cross of Jesus (O'Brien) - garbage
466 Forty Days and Forty Nights ("Heinlein") - better version in Worship II
467 The Glory of these Forty Days ("Erhalt Uns, Herr") - fourth verse altered...again!
468 Before the Fruit Is Ripened by the Sun ("Sursum Corda") - help me on this text.  Tune is fine.
469 Parce, Domine (Mode I) - always a favorite.  Verses to Psalm 51 now with the Revised Grail Psalter
*472 This Is the Time of Fulfillment (Chepponis) - I like the refrain melody.  Would like to see the verses to judge better
*475 Return to God (Haugen) - garbage in English and en Español
*476 Restore in Us, O God (Morris) - help
*477 Once We Sang and Danced with Gladness ("Kas Dziedaja") - text seems ok, though I'm used to seeing "By the Babylonian Rivers", a Psalm 137-based hymn which unfortunately was dropped.
*478 Merciful God (Alonso) - garbage
*479 As the Winter Days Grow Longer ("Suo Gan") - nope
*480 Stations of the Cross (Rowan) - Not a bad piece at all, though I'm still partial to the "Stabat Mater"
*481 Palm Sunday Processional (Cooney) - There are so many better choices!
*482 No Tramp of Soldiers' Marching Feet ("Kingsfold") - Timothy Dudley-Smith has the right idea, but "tramp" just doesn't sound good.
483 All Glory, Laud, and Honor ("St. Theodulph") - sounds better with the thees and thous.
*484 Stay with Me (Taize) - eh
*485 So You Must Do (Haugen) - garbage
*486 Glory in the Cross (Janco) - Steven Janco has the right idea, but the refrain sounds like typical Haugen-d'Hass fare, musically.  Text-wise, the refrain is basically the Holy Thursday Introit - a good thing.  The verses are those that should be used for Good Friday, not Holy Thursday.
489 O Sacred Head, Surrounded ("Passion Chorale") - now with added Spanish.  However, let's go back to the Worship II version of the English ("Death's palid hue comes o'er thee, the glow of life decays...")
491 Sing, My Tongue, the Glorious Battle ("Fortunatus New") - was in Worship II, replaced by "Sing, My Tongue, the Song of Triumph" (using "Picardy"), returned for Worship IV.  Fine piece.
*493 In Manus Tuas, Pater (Taize) - in Latin, English, and Spanish - a paraphrase of the Responsorial Psalm antiphon for Good Friday. - eh

Next installment: Easter

WORSHIP IV, THE FOLLOW-UP (Part the third)

Sections for the solemnities during the Christmas Season other than Christmas itself.
Reminder: * = new to Worship series.

*439 Come, Sing a Home and Family ("Carol") - pretty good text.  Might be easy to tell it's not a GIA or OCP text.  It's actually Alan Hommerding's text, owned by World Library.  However, I would have rather kept the Mozart tune that's used in We Celebrate, rather than use the tune that's intended for "It Came upon the Midnight Clear".
*441 The First One to Know ("Paderborn") - Now you know that THIS is a typical GIA text when you see such lines as "He felt the connection of life touching life".  The tune is nice, and fitting with many hymns of 11 11 11 11 meter that are of Mary and/or Joseph.
*442 Our Savior's Infant Cries Were Heard ("St. Columba") - Nice text.  I like St. Columba as a tune, but not for this particular hymn, or anything for Christmas season for that matter.  May I suggest Siroe (aka Christmas) or Winchester Old.
SPEAKING OF WINCHESTER OLD: While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Night was dropped for this edition.  Bad move!
*443 Within the Father's House ("Optatus Votis Omnium") - nice text.  Tune is normally used with "The Coming of Our God", an Advent hymn that would have been a lot better than "Are You the Coming One" (also short meter, but set to "St. Thomas" by Aaron Williams).
444 Sing of Mary, Pure and Lowly ("Pleading Savior") - The last three GIA hymnals (RitualSong, Catholic Community Hymnal, and Gather Comprehensive II) have used "Sing of Mary, MEEK and Lowly".  Thankfully, for this hymnal, the editors have come to their senses.
*446 Gentle Mary Laid Her Child ("Tempus Adest Floridum") - nice text, and the tune is a favorite of mine (think "Good King Wenceslas").
450 As with Gladness Men of Old ("Dix") - I wish they would revert to the text that appeared in Worship II.
451 Songs of Thankfulness and Praise ("Salzburg") - Another text that should be reverted to what was in Worship II.
*452 The People Who Walked in Darkness (Morris) - Why is it songs about walking in darkness have to either be St. Louis Jesuits tunes (e.g., "The People that Walk in Darkness", "City of God") or sound like St. Louis Jesuits tunes (e.g., this one)?  I think the ICEL Resource Collection (a joint venture of ICEL and GIA back in 1981) has "The People that in Darkness Walked" set to a traditional common meter tune, but I forgot which tune.  I once had the book, but lost it in a fire a little over seven years ago.  Never replaced it.  Anyhoo, they should use that text instead.
*455 The Strong and Gentle Voice (Morris) - Who is this "Dove" and why is it being referred to by feminine pronouns?  Normally, when I hear "Dove" in hymnody, I assume the Holy Spirit.  The tune here is one of only a couple by Sally Ann Morris that are any good (she has more tunes in this hymnal than David Haas, believe it or not, and almost as many as Marty Haugen).
456 When Jesus Came to Jordan (Hopson) - Was set to a G minor Dutch tune in Worship III that sounded a bit lame (unlike most Dutch hymn tunes).  For Worship IV, we get this Hal Hopson tune which is quite good.
*457 To Jordan Jesus Humbly Came ("Winchester New") - Another Hommerding text.  Nice.
458 When John Baptized by Jordan's River ("Rendez a Dieu") - Good text, but should be in G, not F.

Next installment: Lent and Holy Week!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

WORSHIP IV, THE FOLLOW-UP (Part the second)

Continuing our posts on the hymn section of Worship IV (the "pet name" of Worship - Fourth Edition), we're going to now comb the Christmas section of the hymnal.  Again, not all hymns will be listed.  Those not listed are those that pass without any question.  Any hymns marked with a * are new to the Worship series, but may have appeared in other hymnals, including but not limited to Gather, RitualSong, and hymnals by other publishers.

413 Silent Night / Noche de Paz ("Stille Nacht") - Adding on the Spanish is all well and good for those bi-lingual parishes that want to join in the fun.  But how about the original German?
414 Hark! the Herald Angels Sing ("Mendelssohn") - always love the carol, but certain lines on verse 3 annoy me no end.
*418 You Came among Us at Christmas Time ("Resonet in Laudibus", arr. Vaughan Williams) - the tune is always a pleasure.  However, Sr. Delores (who also infested mainstream Catholic hymn books, including Worship IV, with Sing a New Church) re-wrote the chorus so that it sounds more like a typical OCP/GIA Communion hymn.  Remember, most proper Communion antiphons didn't even come close to being Eucharistic-themed.  I say bring back Joseph Dearest, Joseph Mine from Hymnal 1940 - same tune, same harmony, half-step higher.
*421 Sing Alleluia (O'Brien) - too sing-songy, just like most of what Francis Patrick O'Brien writes.
*422 Sing We Now of Christmas ("Noel Nouvelet") - a welcome addition
423 Gloria, Gloria (Taize) - typical
424 Joy to the World ("Antioch") - now with added Spanish.
426 O Come, All Ye Faithful ("Adeste Fideles") - now with added Spanish, but good to see the Latin is also retained - four verses, and not just like one like in OCP's Today's Missal.  Second verse should read, however, "Lo! He abhors not the Virgin's womb."
427 Good Christian Friends, Rejoice ("In Dulci Jubilo") - should be "Good Christian MEN, Rejoice".
428 Go, Tell it on the Mountain (Spritual) - I love to hear the Brothers Four go to town with it on my parents' old The Great Songs of Christmas album (volume 4).  However, I'm not big on singing it at Mass, probably because of my reminder of the days of sitting back on the recliner and rockin' out with the Brothers Four.
*430 Love Has Come ("Un Flambeau") - the tune that is normally associated with Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella.  Not bad for a modern text, but nothing beats the original.
*431 Wood of the Cradle (O'Brien) - toss with the firewood
432 A Child Is Born in Bethlehem / Puer Natus in Bethlehem ("Puer Natus in Bethlehem"/Mode I) - The text was in English and Latin in Worship II.  Latin was dropped in Worship III, then returned in Worship IV.  This time, instead of four verses, there are seven.  Two of the verses ("In hoc natali gaudio" and "Laudetur sancta Trinitas") are gone, but five more have surfaced.  Let me remind you of what I mentioned in the podcast, that Richard of Catholic Light, who sang with me at First Friday Mass last week, discovered 14 verses, all in Latin.  The verses from Worship II and III are verses 1, 5, 13, and 14, according to this site with the 14 verses.  The verses from Worship IV are 1, 5, "Cognovit bos et asinus" (not amongst the verses on aforementioned link), 6, 9, 11, and 12.  Nice addition.
*434 Glory / Gloria (Sosa) - garbage / basura
*436 Star-Child (Krisman) - garbage

Next installment - the remaining solemnities of the Christmas Season.


Last night, I uploaded my review of the brand-spankin'-new GIA hymnal, Worship IV, on the 185th installment of my iSNARK! podcast. During my review, I mentioned that as a follow-up I will do the best I can with this with the many new titles in this hymnal, but I'll be seeking help from the more learned. I'm going to list them all, in installments (after all, there are 614 titles in the hymn section). This is a black list, a white list, a question mark list, and an everything-in-between list. I didn't include any of the better regular staples unless something got changed about it. So here goes, part one.

NOTE: My main focus is on the hymns right now. We'll attack the music of the Mass Ordinary later. * = hymns that are new to the Worship series. Some may have appeared in Gather.

386 O Come, O Come, Emmanuel ("Veni, Veni, Emmanuel/Mode I) - thee/thou/thy eliminated, but nice to see the added Latin in the refrain. Would be nice to see the Latin verses as well.
387 O Come, Divine Messiah ("Venez, Divin Messie") - thee/thou/thy eliminated
389 Prepare the Way of the Lord (Taize) - mezza-mezza at best
*390 Wild and Lone the Prophet's Voice ("Aberystwyth") - nice tune, some questionable text "make a choice", "quitting all the sins you prized". Would have rather had "Watchman, Tell Us of the Night", which was in Worship II to the same tune.
392 On Jordan's Bank ("Winchester New") - I love the tune, but they bastardized the text once again. "Breast" in the second verse has become "soul", "heart", now "life". WTF?
*393 Awaken, Sleepers, Sing for Joy ("Tallis Ordinal") - ok
394 Come, O Long-Expected Jesus ("Jefferson") - returning the Early American tune that was in Worship II. Nice, but should be "Come THOU Long-Expected Jesus"
*396 Though Famed in Israel's Royal Hist'ry ("Wer Nur den Lieben Gott"/Neumark) - nice tune, text seems pretty good too.
*397 Like a Bird (Joncas) - garbage
*399 Are You the Coming One ("St. Thomas"/Williams) - nice tune - text questionable at best
*400 A Morning Star Draws Near ("Morning Song") - sounds good
403 The King Shall Come When Morning Dawns ("Morning Song") - good, but I'm partial to the "St. Stephen" tune that was in Worship III. Besides, only three hymns before this is another hymn set to "Morning Song".
*404 My Soul in Stillness Waits / En el Silencio Te Aguardo (Haugen) - garbage / basura
406 Awake, Awake, and Greet the New Morn (Haugen) - garbage
*407 Unexpected and Mysterious ("Dohmnach Trionoide") - nice tune, text seems ok
*408 Now the Heavens Start to Whisper ("Suo Gan") - not a big fan of the tune, but text seems ok
*409 Sleepers Wake ("Wachet Auf") - nice tune, text good, but this is the THIRD different translation of the "Wachet Auf" in three issues. Worship II had "Wake, Awake, for Night is Flying". Worship III had "Wake, O Wake, and Sleep No Longer".
*410 Wait for the Lord (in five languages/Taize) - eh...
*411 As Servants Working an Estate ("Llangloffan") - nice tune, but I'm used to seeing it in G minor. Text is a little weird. You be the judge.
*412 Maranatha, Lord Messiah (K. Powell) - not really

Tomorrow, the Christmas section!

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Sacred Heart Church, West Warwick, Rhode Island

Tuesday I-10-12 at 10 AM

To casket: Requiem Aeternam / Mode VI
* To altar: W-583 Amazing grace / "New Britain
Psalm 27: The Lord is my light and my salvation / Proulx/Gelineau
Alleluia: Marier
* Offertory: Ave Maria / Schubert
Sanctus and Agnus XVIII
Memorial: Mortem tuam annuntiamus, Domine / "Jubilate Deo"
Amen: Dresden
Communion: Lux Aeterna / Mode VIII
- * The Old Rugged Cross
Commendation: I believe that my Redeemer lives / H. St. Louis
* Recessional: W-467 Sing with all the saints in glory / "Hymn to Joy"

Saturday I-14-12 at 10 AM

Psalm, Alleluia, Ordinary, and Commendation same as the Tuesday funeral.

To casket: Requiem Aeternam / Mode VI
* To altar: W-583 Amazing grace / "New Britain
* Offertory: Ave Maria / Schubert
Communion: Lux Aeterna / Mode VIII
- H-223 Jesus, Son of Mary / "Adoro Te Devote"
Recessional: W-178 In Paradisum / Mode VII

* = requested / W = Worship, Third Edition / H = Hymnal 1940


Thursday, January 5, 2012



Is it me or are traffic cops THAT stupid? There was a tanker truck stuck at a traffic light (he had his four-ways on), so my wife and I took a turn at the junction before to go around. We come onto the junction where the truck was stuck, but the other way. Our light was green. Wouldn't you know the cop runs up the street, STOPS THE GREEN LIGHT TRAFFIC to let the tanker (who's light was red) through to take a left.  Our tax dollars at work!

I hereby award this cop the first WTF award of 2012!  He really earned this one!


Sunday, January 1, 2012


Sacred Heart Church, West Warwick, RI

First Friday - Bl. Andre Bessette (Optional Memorial)
/ I-6-12, 6 PM
(who at one time was a West Warwick resident!)

Entrance hymn: W-376 Angels we have heard on high / "Gloria"
Psalm 147: Praise the Lord, Jerusalem / Gelineau/Waddell
Alleluia for Christmas season: BMP (Proper verse is same as Baptism of the Lord ABC)
Offertory hymn: W-392 Adeste Fideles (in Latin)
Sanctus and Agnus Dei: Mass for Christian Unity
Memorial: We proclaim your death / BMP, Holy Angels Mass
Amen: Dresden
Communion anthem: Puer Natus in Bethlehem / Mode I
Recessional hymn: W-387 Hark! the herald angels sing / "Mendelssohn"

The Epiphany of Our Lord Jesus Christ / I-8-12

The brass will be back in town for three of our four Masses!
Entrance hymn: H-12 O come, all ye faithful / "Adeste Fideles", arr. Willcocks
Gloria: (7:30 AM) Mass VIII; (all others) Mass of the Shepherds / Yon
Psalm 72: Lord, every nation on earth will adore you / BMP
Alleluia for Christmas season: BMP
Offertory hymn: H-51 We three kings of Orient are / "Kings of Orient"
Sanctus and Agnus Dei:
-- (7:30 AM) Mass for Christian Unity / Vermulst; (all others) Mass of the Shepherds / Yon
Memorial: We proclaim your death / BMP, Holy Angels Mass
Amen: Dresden
Communion anthem (except 7:30): Hallelujah (Messiah) / Handel
Meditation hymn: H-52 As with gladness men of old / "Dix"
Recessional hymn: H-47 What star is this with beams so bright / "Puer Nobis"

Sunday II of Ordinary Time / I-15-12
(No "Here I Am Lord" here! Our parish is Schutte-free! That's even better than smoke-free!)

Entrance hymn: H-10 On Jordan's bank the baptist's cry / "Winchester New"
Gloria: Missa Simplex / Proulx
Psalm 40: Here am I, Lord, I come to do your will / Gelineau/Proulx
Alleluia: Marier (verse to Psalm tone 5)
Offertory hymn: H-9 Hark! a thrilling voice is sounding / "Merton"
Sanctus and Agnus Dei: Mass for Christian Unity
Memorial: We proclaim your death / BMP, Holy Angels Mass
Amen: Dresden
Communion anthem: Be thou my vision / Desrocquettes
Meditation hymn: H-195 Let all mortal flesh keep silence / "Picardy"
Recessional hymn: H-53 Songs of thankfulness and praise / "Salzburg"