Sunday, January 22, 2012

WORSHIP IV, THE FOLLOW-UP (Part the tenth)

Sections covered: Thanksgiving, Grace/Mercy
* = new to the Worship series

631 Father, We Thank You Who Hast Planted ("Rendez a Dieu") - should be "Father, We Thank THEE Who Hast Planted".
632 For the Beauty of the Earth ("Dix") - Reverted to "Dix", which was also the tune in Worship II.  However the text is bastardized in Worship IV.  The tune in Worship III is "Lucerna Laudoniae", which is a nice little David Evans tune.  However, "Dix" is definitely more highly associated with the hymn.
*633 God, Our Father, You Have Granted ("Regent Square") - pretty good text.
634 We Praise You, O God ("Kremser") - Worship II had "We Praise THEE, O God", the proper title.  Hymn was missing in Worship III, returned in bastardized form in Worship IV, but now "We Gather Together" is missing, which was in both II and III.
635 Confitemini Domino (Taize) - originally in Latin only, now with added English, Spanish, and Lithuanian.  Music is maybe third rate at best.
636 Let All Things Now Living ("The Ash Grove") - love the hymn, but loathe the altered text (which neuters the Lord by once again removing any pronouns reflecting God's fatherhood).
*638 Sing a Happy Alleluia (Morris) - Please tell me GIA isn't serious.  They can't be if they're including titles like that!  I started laughing when I saw the title, and I'm thinking (my wife hates the following song, but sorry honey, I have to) "Happy happy joy joy!"  And just when I thought texts by Haugen and Haas were goofy!
*639 In the Lord I'll Be Ever Thankful (Taize) - not so hot!
*640 Shepherd, Do You Tramp the Hills ("Aberystwyth") - Two good hymns I often associate with the lovely tune "Aberystwyth" are missing ("Jesus, Lover of My Soul" and "Watchman, Tell Us of the Night"), and instead we get this title and "Wild and Lone the Prophet's Voice", which I reviewed here.  Sheesh!
642 Love Divine, All Loves Excelling ("Hyfrydol") - need to revert to Worship II text!
*644 The One Who Longs to Make Us Whole ("The Flight of the Earls") - not bad
645 There's a Wideness in God's Mercy ("In Babilone") - love the hymn, but a couple of reversions we need to see: Verse 2: "Than the measures of MAN'S mind", and verse 3 "SOULS OF MEN, why will you scatter..."
*647 When Jesus Passed through Jericho ("Forest Green") - ok text, love the tune
*648 What Love and Deep Devotion (Krisman) - boot it!
*649 God the Sculptor of the Mountains ("Julion") - lovely David Hurd tune, but not-so-lovely text.  "We are formless, shape us now!"
*651 Keep in Mind (Deiss) - A good chunk of the Deiss repertoire is quite good, including this.
*652 Shall Tribulation or Distress (Morris) - nice text, awful tune.
*653 God Is Forgiveness (Taize) - in English, Polish, and Spanish.  ok at best

Next installment: Prayer/Petition

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