Friday, January 13, 2012

WORSHIP IV, THE FOLLOW-UP (Part the third)

Sections for the solemnities during the Christmas Season other than Christmas itself.
Reminder: * = new to Worship series.

*439 Come, Sing a Home and Family ("Carol") - pretty good text.  Might be easy to tell it's not a GIA or OCP text.  It's actually Alan Hommerding's text, owned by World Library.  However, I would have rather kept the Mozart tune that's used in We Celebrate, rather than use the tune that's intended for "It Came upon the Midnight Clear".
*441 The First One to Know ("Paderborn") - Now you know that THIS is a typical GIA text when you see such lines as "He felt the connection of life touching life".  The tune is nice, and fitting with many hymns of 11 11 11 11 meter that are of Mary and/or Joseph.
*442 Our Savior's Infant Cries Were Heard ("St. Columba") - Nice text.  I like St. Columba as a tune, but not for this particular hymn, or anything for Christmas season for that matter.  May I suggest Siroe (aka Christmas) or Winchester Old.
SPEAKING OF WINCHESTER OLD: While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Night was dropped for this edition.  Bad move!
*443 Within the Father's House ("Optatus Votis Omnium") - nice text.  Tune is normally used with "The Coming of Our God", an Advent hymn that would have been a lot better than "Are You the Coming One" (also short meter, but set to "St. Thomas" by Aaron Williams).
444 Sing of Mary, Pure and Lowly ("Pleading Savior") - The last three GIA hymnals (RitualSong, Catholic Community Hymnal, and Gather Comprehensive II) have used "Sing of Mary, MEEK and Lowly".  Thankfully, for this hymnal, the editors have come to their senses.
*446 Gentle Mary Laid Her Child ("Tempus Adest Floridum") - nice text, and the tune is a favorite of mine (think "Good King Wenceslas").
450 As with Gladness Men of Old ("Dix") - I wish they would revert to the text that appeared in Worship II.
451 Songs of Thankfulness and Praise ("Salzburg") - Another text that should be reverted to what was in Worship II.
*452 The People Who Walked in Darkness (Morris) - Why is it songs about walking in darkness have to either be St. Louis Jesuits tunes (e.g., "The People that Walk in Darkness", "City of God") or sound like St. Louis Jesuits tunes (e.g., this one)?  I think the ICEL Resource Collection (a joint venture of ICEL and GIA back in 1981) has "The People that in Darkness Walked" set to a traditional common meter tune, but I forgot which tune.  I once had the book, but lost it in a fire a little over seven years ago.  Never replaced it.  Anyhoo, they should use that text instead.
*455 The Strong and Gentle Voice (Morris) - Who is this "Dove" and why is it being referred to by feminine pronouns?  Normally, when I hear "Dove" in hymnody, I assume the Holy Spirit.  The tune here is one of only a couple by Sally Ann Morris that are any good (she has more tunes in this hymnal than David Haas, believe it or not, and almost as many as Marty Haugen).
456 When Jesus Came to Jordan (Hopson) - Was set to a G minor Dutch tune in Worship III that sounded a bit lame (unlike most Dutch hymn tunes).  For Worship IV, we get this Hal Hopson tune which is quite good.
*457 To Jordan Jesus Humbly Came ("Winchester New") - Another Hommerding text.  Nice.
458 When John Baptized by Jordan's River ("Rendez a Dieu") - Good text, but should be in G, not F.

Next installment: Lent and Holy Week!

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