Thursday, May 26, 2011


Italian conductor Riccardo Muti, now conducting the Chicago Symphony, also detests the "greatest hits" movement that's been infesting parish after parish after parish since the mid 1960's.

Source: ANSA / RSCT: Ars Orandi Traditional Catholicism via Facebook / Emphasis mine.

Muti sides with pope against Church 'sing-songs'
Benedict right to want traditional music, says conductor

(ANSA) - Vatican City, May 26 - Italian conductor Riccardo Muti is backing Pope Benedict XVI's drive to discourage guitar ''sing-songs'' from Catholic masses.

The traditionalist German pontiff has called for an end to the use of pop-inspired religious music that many Catholic churches have used in different parts of the world to attract the faithful.

''It is possible to modernize holy music,'' he once said at a concert at the Sistine Chapel. ''But this cannot happen outside the great traditional path of the past, of Gregorian chants and sacred polyphonic choral music.

''(The Church supports) new expressive means (in music, as in art and architecture) without denying the past, the history of the human spirit, which is also the story of its dialogue with God''.

Critics have said the use of modern music helps the Catholic faith remain relevant and vibrant for young people and that it is better to have guitars and tambourines during mass than empty churches. But those objections have been rejected by world-famous conductor Muti.

''The pope is right when he says it is necessary to bring our great musical heritage back into churches,'' said Muti, a former director of Milan's La Scala who is now in charge of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

''The history of great music was determined by what the Church did.

"When I go to church and I hear four strums of a guitar or choruses of senseless, insipid words, I think it's an insult.

''I can't work out how come once upon a time there were Mozart and Bach and now we have little sing-songs. This is a lack of respect for people's intelligence''. Although many disagree with Benedict's views on music, there is no doubt that the pope speaks about the subject with authority. An accomplished pianist, he comes from a musical family and his brother, Georg Ratzinger, was for many years choir master in Regensburg, home to one of Europe's most famous boys' choirs.

Benedict's line on modern music is part of his bid to take the Church back to its roots.

This has also led to him reviving the use of the Latin Mass, which had been abandoned after the 1962-1965 Vatican Council introduced masses in local languages. In May the Vatican issued an ''instruction'' telling bishops to allow priests to say the old-style mass in Latin - the language of Benedict's beloved Gregorian chants - following a 2007 papal decree authorizing the wider adoption of it.

Many Catholics are uncomfortable about the resurrection of the Latin Mass as they see it as a partial reversal of the reforms of the Second Vatican Council, which is widely viewed as having brought the church into modern times.

The only error I found in this was in the second-to-last paragraph. The Holy Father did not revive the use of the Latin Mass. The Ordinary Form Latin Mass has been in use all along. What he did revive was more widespread use of the Traditional (Extraordinary Form) Latin Mass. Well, one other error - the last paragraph: the author didn't interview enough people, IMO.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

MUSIC FOR HOLY MASS (Starting June with a Bang!)

Sacred Heart Church, West Warwick, Rhode Island

The Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ (Ordinary Form of the Mass)
Wednesday, June 1, 2011 at 6 PM; Thursday, June 2, 2011 at 9 AM and 7 PM

Hail the day that sees him rise - "Llanfair"
Gloria (Pope Paul VI) - E. Connor
God mounts his throne (Respond and Acclaim) - O. Alstott
Alleluia - BMP (arranged from "O Filii et Filiae" and Psalm Tone 2D)
Crown Him with many crowns - "Diademata"
Sanctus/Agnus Dei (Cristo Risuciti) - L. Picchi
Christus Vincit - BMP
Regina Caeli - Mode VI
Rejoice, the Lord is King - "Darwall's 148th"

First Friday: Votive Mass of the Sacred Heart (Extraordinary Form of the Mass)
Friday June 3, 2011 at 6 PM

Propers from the Votive Mass of the Sacred Heart (Offertory and Communion are those for "Votive Mass of the Sacred Heart in Paschal Time"): from The Complete Proper of the Mass by Koch and Greene

All other hymns and Ordinary:
O Sacred Heart, O Love Divine
Kyrie ('Laus Tibi Christe') - F. Caudana
Gloria VIII
Cor Dulce, Cor Amabile
Sanctus/Agnus ('Cristo Risuciti') - L. Picchi
Christus Vincit - BMP
To Jesus' Heart all-burning


Monday, May 23, 2011


Not to be confused with Harold Camping's wet dream!

I saw this post by someone ID'd as "PS4Ever" (that is, "Progressive Solemnity 4 Ever") at the RPInet boards that I just couldn't resist. It kinda goes like this:

No more "God of power, God of might" in the Mass of Creation Sanctus.
No more "Glory to God in the highest! SING! Glory to God" in the Mass of Light Gloria.
No more "Hosanna, hosanna... on high..." in the Jesuits Mass.
No more "Jesus, Lamb of God," in the Mass of Creation Agnus Dei.
No more "Christ has died, Christ is risen..." disrupting the middle of the Eucharistic Prayer with an acclamation that never existed in the real Missal.

What ever will we do without this novelty!?

It will be THE END as we know it.

1000 points to PS4Ever for proper use of the word "novelty". But those items listed above are GOOD to see ended!

OH, and no "GIVE glory to God in the highest", also in the Jesuits Mass! And no "Christ has died, alleluia..." by Joe Wise, and no "Alleluia, alleluia, praise the word of truth and life" in Massive Cremation. Can anyone else think of more?


Saturday, May 21, 2011


Eat your heart out, Harold Camping!
And for any of you who actually believe for one minute that that nut job is or even was a prophet, I have but one word for you: SUCKERS!

Jesus wins again. For He has said, "You do not know the day or the hour!" That goes for you, too, Harold, you prophet-wannabe.

You are now free to go about your life. God will call you when he's ready. That is all.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

MUSIC FOR HOLY MASS (More Double Trouble)

Fifth and Sixth Sundays of Easter
Sacred Heart Church, West Warwick, RI

Psalm and Alleluia from "Respond and Acclaim" by Owen Alstott
Sanctus and Agnus Dei from "Messa 'Cristo Risuciti'" by Luigi Picchi
Meditation hymn: Regina Caeli / Mode VI

Entrance hymn: Jesus lives, thy terrors now / "St. Albinus"
Offertory hymn: At the Lamb's high feast we sing / "Salzburg"
During Communion: Come, my way, my truth, my life / "The Call"
Recessional hymn: This joyful Eastertide / "Vreuchten"

Entrance hymn: This joyful Eastertide / "Vreuchten"
Offertory hymn: The strife is o'er, the battle done
During Communion: Daily, daily, sing to Mary / "Omni Die Dic Mariae"
Recessional hymn: Christ is alive / "Truro"


Sunday, May 15, 2011



Beginning September 16, 2011, Catholics in England and Wales will have to get back in the swing of abstaining from meat on Fridays - year round - not just during Lent!

The bishops of England and Wales are re-establishing the practice of abstaining from meat on Fridays as a penance to identify with Christ on the cross.

In the resolutions published from their spring plenary assembly, which concluded Thursday, the bishops announced the re-establishment of the practice, to go into effect Sept. 16.

"Every Friday is set aside by the Church as a special day of penance, for it is the day of the death of our Lord," a statement of resolutions from the assembly reminded. "The law of the Church requires Catholics to abstain from meat on Fridays, or some other form of food, or to observe some other form of penance laid down by the Bishops’ Conference."

"The Bishops wish to re-establish the practice of Friday penance in the lives of the faithful as a clear and distinctive mark of their own Catholic identity," the statement announced.

Read more at the source: Zenit
RSCT: Former co-blogger (and still good friend) Nick B.


Saturday, May 14, 2011


Now completed: the Responsorial Psalms for the month of June, set to music by yours truly! Clicking the antiphon graphic will lead you to the description and full music for each of the Psalms.

The Ascension of Our Lord - June 2, 2011
(or for some of you, June 5, 2011)

The Seventh Sunday of Easter - June 5, 2011
(for those of us who celebrate the Ascension on the Thursday)

Pentecost and the Vigil - June 11 and 12, 2011

The Most Holy Trinity - June 19, 2011

The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ - June 26, 2011


Thursday, May 12, 2011


We tried to get the license plate number of the car pictured at left, but it was too blurry. The car pictured here whizzed by us like we were standing still on I-95 this morning (and we were doing 10 over the speed limit ourselves). I drove, my wife took the picture, so fret not about safety here!

Anyhoo, you might see a dark blue blotch on the left side of the license plate here. That blotch is a "badge" bearing the State of Rhode Island. The woman driving this MERCEDES, by virture of this special license plate, is a Rhode Island state representative. Where we gassed up right near the highway (well, Route 37, close enough), was a nice shiny black BMW CONVERTIBLE with (again) a state representative's license plate!

Here we are with some of the highest taxes in the country, and we have legislators who are driving these nice European hot rods while I'm financing a used American-made minivan that is nine years old and has 130,000 miles on it! I should also mind you that in Rhode Island, a state legislator is only a PART-TIME position. Talk about holier-than-thou! Serve your state part-time, screw it up, and drive a nice hot rod. It's nice to know what our taxes are REALLY paying for, eh?


Wednesday, May 11, 2011


On this episode, we have a traffic report, a fraternal correction, music by Johnny Proctor, music written by Picchi, Remondi, et al, a brand-spankin-new Top Ten List, and much more!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


...and other resulting consequences

Rhode Island's own Eden Casteel, a lyric coloratura soprano (and a very good one - check her blog out and give a listen) and librettist, wrote a snarky little post that is actually a great teaching moment for high school musical stars who are seeking to continue doing musicals at the college level and beyond.

Luckily, we had no microphones on stage when I played my role as Jud Fry in Cumberland High's production of Oklahoma during my junior year in high school. Eden's fourth paragraph goes thus:

Did you know that if you have no idea how to sing or project your voice without a microphone, you are completely out of luck if the battery goes dead in the middle of your two-measure solo? Did you know that when you use microphones you tend to forget how to execute basic blocking, and sometimes you sing with your butt to the audience? Did you know that about half the time, microphones short out or crackle and pop loudly? You didn’t know that? I didn’t think so.

Now, Oklahoma was the only musical I ever did. Auditions for The King and I during my senior year fell on the week of my father's funeral. Oh well (well, at least that was my attitude at 17; turning 47 pretty soon, I'm sure I'd have a different 'tude now)!

However, the reason I point out Eden's paragraph regarding microphones is that the same message could AND SHOULD AND MUST point very easily toward cantors at Holy Mass. I've had people tell me, "Wow! You have a good strong voice!" more times than Bill Gates has collected dollar bills. That's because thanks to Mrs. Nectar Lennox, my high school choral director, learning to project was not an option. It was REQUIRED! And it's helped to the point where I can sing, facing a pipe case, over a generously-registered organ (I mean 8'-4'-2' foundations, a four-rank fourniture or plein jeu, and possibly a good chorus reed, plus a good deep pedal registration - I LOVE a good 32' resultant or contra bourdon!) without any amplication. I use the mic to announce hymns only - organ mic on, announce hymn, organ mic off. Simple as that!

Nowadays, unfortunately, it's all about the mic. It's all about (in the words of Happy Bunny) "let's focus on ME!" In high school, it's all about wanting to be Britney Spears, prancing around the stage with a damn headset wrapped around her head. At Mass, it's about wanting to be heard over everyone - the priest, the choir, the congregation, and maybe even loud enough for the diocese next door to hear ya!

So, I reiterate this message to cantors: For the sake of good liturgy, step away from the microphone. And for the sake of good liturgy AND good hygiene, please, KEEP YOUR DAMN ARMS DOWN!


Sunday, May 8, 2011


Fourth Sunday of Easter - May 15, 2011
Sacred Heart Church, West Warwick, Rhode Island

Sat. 5 PM / Sun. 7:30, 9, and 11:15 AM

Confirmation will take place at 11:15 Mass w/Bp. Tobin. Our brass trio consisting of a trumpet, a flugelhorn, and a French horn, will be joining us at that Mass. Music will be the same at all four Masses, with the exception of anointing (11:15 only).

Christ is the King / "Gelobt sei Gott"
Gloria (Mass in Honor of Pope Paul VI) / E. Connor
The Lord is my Shepherd / O. Alstott
Alleluia (Easter III through Pentecost - v.4) / "O Filii" and Tone 2D, arr. BMP
(11:15 only: Anointing) Veni, Creator Spiritus / Mode VIII
Come, Holy Ghost / L. Lambillotte
Sanctus and Agnus Dei (Messa 'Cristo Risuciti') / L. Picchi
Ave Verum / L. Perosi
Regina Caeli (English and Latin) / Mode VI
Go, make of all disciples / "Ellacombe"


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

MUSIC FOR HOLY MASS (Double Trouble)

First Friday Votive Mass of the Sacred Heart (Ordinary Form)
6 PM - May 6, 2011

O Sacred Heart, O Love Divine
The Lord's kindness is everlasting / Ostrowski
Alleluia from O Filii with verse One does not live by bread alone... (Tone 2D)
Cor Dulcis, Cor Amabile (New St. Basil Hymnal)
Sanctus and Agnus from Messa 'Christo Risuciti' / L. Picchi
O sons and daughters / Mode II
To Jesus' heart, all burning

Third Sunday of Easter (also Ordinary Form)
5 PM (Sat. anticipated) / 7:30, 9, and 11:15 AM - May 8, 2011

(NOTE: crowning of BVM at 7:30 Mass)

Immaculate Mary / "Lourdes Hymn"
Gloria from Mass in Honor of Pope Paul VI / Connor
Psalm and Alleluia from Respond and Acclaim / Alstott
Ye watchers and ye holy ones / "Lasst uns erfreuen"
Sanctus and Agnus from Messa 'Christo Risuciti' / L. Picchi
Ave Maria / Arcadelt
Regina Caeli / Mode VI
On this day, O beautiful Mother / Lambillotte
Hail, holy Queen enthroned above / "Salve Regina Caelitum"



Clips like Feasts for the Week and Don't Do This at Church are back. Here we talk about my new job, play a bunch of music, mainly for Holy Week and the April First Friday Mass. Charlie Crowe spreads his "Joy" and Shamus O'Reilly (yup, he's back too!) inflates "Ye Sons and Daughters".

Brace yourselves!

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Monday, May 2, 2011


...but in this case, I must make an exception!

or (from Exodus 15, slightly altered):
I will sing to the Lord, for He is gloriously triumphant! With His help, we have hurled bin Laden into the sea!

GOD BLESS THESE HERE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! We can now be at peace, hopefully. And hopefully now we can get our oil and gas prices back down to where they belong!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Beatified May 1, 2011

Excellent news! Will I live to hear the words "Pope Saint John Paul II"? The world may never know!



Tuesdays at 7 PM at Sacred Heart during the month of May!

Tuesday May 3, 10, 17, 24, and 31! Spend some time with Mary!

Basic format for all five Tuesdays:

Entrance hymn: Immaculate Mary / "Lourdes Hymn"
Exposition hymn: O Salutaris Hostia (in Latin) / "Wareham", altered
(Yes, there is a hymnal that has the O Salutaris set to an altered version of "Wareham". Basically, there are no pickup notes for any of the lines.)
The Holy Rosary is said in the presence of our Eucharistic Lord.
A litany is said - probably that of Loreto
Benediction hymn: Tantum Ergo (in Latin) / C. Rossini
(This is the melody we used on Holy Thursday for the Pange Lingua/Tantum Ergo.)
As the Eucharist is being reposed to the Tabernacle: Regina Caeli / Mode VI
Recessional hymn: Hail, holy Queen enthroned above / "Salve Regina Caelitum"