Sunday, May 1, 2011


Tuesdays at 7 PM at Sacred Heart during the month of May!

Tuesday May 3, 10, 17, 24, and 31! Spend some time with Mary!

Basic format for all five Tuesdays:

Entrance hymn: Immaculate Mary / "Lourdes Hymn"
Exposition hymn: O Salutaris Hostia (in Latin) / "Wareham", altered
(Yes, there is a hymnal that has the O Salutaris set to an altered version of "Wareham". Basically, there are no pickup notes for any of the lines.)
The Holy Rosary is said in the presence of our Eucharistic Lord.
A litany is said - probably that of Loreto
Benediction hymn: Tantum Ergo (in Latin) / C. Rossini
(This is the melody we used on Holy Thursday for the Pange Lingua/Tantum Ergo.)
As the Eucharist is being reposed to the Tabernacle: Regina Caeli / Mode VI
Recessional hymn: Hail, holy Queen enthroned above / "Salve Regina Caelitum"


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