Monday, May 23, 2011


Not to be confused with Harold Camping's wet dream!

I saw this post by someone ID'd as "PS4Ever" (that is, "Progressive Solemnity 4 Ever") at the RPInet boards that I just couldn't resist. It kinda goes like this:

No more "God of power, God of might" in the Mass of Creation Sanctus.
No more "Glory to God in the highest! SING! Glory to God" in the Mass of Light Gloria.
No more "Hosanna, hosanna... on high..." in the Jesuits Mass.
No more "Jesus, Lamb of God," in the Mass of Creation Agnus Dei.
No more "Christ has died, Christ is risen..." disrupting the middle of the Eucharistic Prayer with an acclamation that never existed in the real Missal.

What ever will we do without this novelty!?

It will be THE END as we know it.

1000 points to PS4Ever for proper use of the word "novelty". But those items listed above are GOOD to see ended!

OH, and no "GIVE glory to God in the highest", also in the Jesuits Mass! And no "Christ has died, alleluia..." by Joe Wise, and no "Alleluia, alleluia, praise the word of truth and life" in Massive Cremation. Can anyone else think of more?


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