Friday, January 13, 2012

WORSHIP IV, THE FOLLOW-UP (Part the fourth)

This installment includes music and muzak under the Lent and Holy Week categories.
* = new to the Worship series.

*459 Jesus, Tempted in the Desert ("Ebenezer", aka "Ton-y-Botel") - fine
*460 Restore Us, O God (Clemens) - scrap it!
461 Lord, Who throughout these Forty Days ("St. Flavian") - revert to the Worship II version, please.
462 Somebody's Knockin' at Your Door (Spiritual) - scrap it!
*463 From Ashes to the Living Font ("St. Flavian") - text ok, but partial to "Lord who throughout"
*464 Crucem Tuam (Taize) - ok
*465 The Cross of Jesus (O'Brien) - garbage
466 Forty Days and Forty Nights ("Heinlein") - better version in Worship II
467 The Glory of these Forty Days ("Erhalt Uns, Herr") - fourth verse altered...again!
468 Before the Fruit Is Ripened by the Sun ("Sursum Corda") - help me on this text.  Tune is fine.
469 Parce, Domine (Mode I) - always a favorite.  Verses to Psalm 51 now with the Revised Grail Psalter
*472 This Is the Time of Fulfillment (Chepponis) - I like the refrain melody.  Would like to see the verses to judge better
*475 Return to God (Haugen) - garbage in English and en EspaƱol
*476 Restore in Us, O God (Morris) - help
*477 Once We Sang and Danced with Gladness ("Kas Dziedaja") - text seems ok, though I'm used to seeing "By the Babylonian Rivers", a Psalm 137-based hymn which unfortunately was dropped.
*478 Merciful God (Alonso) - garbage
*479 As the Winter Days Grow Longer ("Suo Gan") - nope
*480 Stations of the Cross (Rowan) - Not a bad piece at all, though I'm still partial to the "Stabat Mater"
*481 Palm Sunday Processional (Cooney) - There are so many better choices!
*482 No Tramp of Soldiers' Marching Feet ("Kingsfold") - Timothy Dudley-Smith has the right idea, but "tramp" just doesn't sound good.
483 All Glory, Laud, and Honor ("St. Theodulph") - sounds better with the thees and thous.
*484 Stay with Me (Taize) - eh
*485 So You Must Do (Haugen) - garbage
*486 Glory in the Cross (Janco) - Steven Janco has the right idea, but the refrain sounds like typical Haugen-d'Hass fare, musically.  Text-wise, the refrain is basically the Holy Thursday Introit - a good thing.  The verses are those that should be used for Good Friday, not Holy Thursday.
489 O Sacred Head, Surrounded ("Passion Chorale") - now with added Spanish.  However, let's go back to the Worship II version of the English ("Death's palid hue comes o'er thee, the glow of life decays...")
491 Sing, My Tongue, the Glorious Battle ("Fortunatus New") - was in Worship II, replaced by "Sing, My Tongue, the Song of Triumph" (using "Picardy"), returned for Worship IV.  Fine piece.
*493 In Manus Tuas, Pater (Taize) - in Latin, English, and Spanish - a paraphrase of the Responsorial Psalm antiphon for Good Friday. - eh

Next installment: Easter

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