Friday, January 20, 2012

WORSHIP IV, THE FOLLOW-UP (Part the eighth)

Sections: Christ the King, Creation, Providence
Reminder: *=new to the Worship series

*561 At the Name of Jesus (Clemens) - a round that reminds me of an old J.S. Paluch standby, "Shalom, My Friends".
*562 Let Kings and Prophets Yield Their Name (Krisman) - I'll let you judge.
563 At the Name of Jesus ("King's Weston") - the REAL "At the Name of Jesus"!  However, in another attempt by a major publisher to neuter God the Father, "'Tis the Father's pleasure we should call him Lord" became "It is God's good pleasure we should call him Lord."  Possible candidate for WTF Award number four???  A new verse 2 added, a couple of verses removed.
565 The King of Glory (Israeli/Jabusch) - Take it away, please.  Liturgical dance is not allowed!  Repeat, liturgical dance is not allowed!
566 All Hail the Pow'r of Jesus' Name ("Coronation") - missing two verses
*567 O Christ, What Can It Mean for Us (Morris) - "A different kind of king?" (Mind you, the same nun that wrote "Sing a New Church" wrote this text).  The tune isn't so hot either.  And another thing: is it me, or does Sally Ann Morris have this knack for topping hymns off to a high E-flat?  Every one I've seen of hers tops off at E-flat.
569 Jesus Shall Reign ("Duke Street") - Lowered key to C.  We're using this hymn this Sunday - in the normal key, D.
571 Crown Him with Many Crowns ("Diademata") - Must restore verse 5 to "Crown Him the Lord of years, THE POTENTATE OF TIME, Creator of the rolling spheres INEFFABLY SUBLIME".  Even Shamus O'Reilly knows what that means!
*573 Let All Creation Bless the Lord ("Lobt Gott den Herren") - Nice Vulpius tune.  Words are a bit strange, however.
574 All Things Bright and Beautiful ("Royal Oak") - lovely hymn, but again, God the Father has been neutered.  How many times can you repeat the name "God" in one verse without it sounding like a first grade reading book?  "God (formerly "HE") made their glowing colors, God (again, formerly "HE") made their tiny wings."  "See God.  See God make birds.  See God make wings for the birds..."
*576 Canticle of the Sun (Haugen) - take it away!!!  Far, far away!!!
*577 God of the Sparrow ("Roeder") - Utter garbage, especially the text.
*578 How Great Thou Art ("O Store Gud") - I never thought for a million eons that this depressing, very often misplayed (and overplayed) song would make it in a Worship volume.
*580 O God, You Search Me (B. Farrell) - Not bad, probably the best work of Bernadette Farrell.  Doesn't say much for the rest of her dreck, trust me.  All one has to do is look at "God Has Chosen Me" in almost any Muzak Issue over the past 20-some years.
*581 We Are Known and Not Unnumbered ("Lauda Anima") - Love the tune.  Can't say the same for the text.
*582 When You, Lord, Walked ("Morning Song") - seems ok.  Anyone?

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