Thursday, January 12, 2012

WORSHIP IV, THE FOLLOW-UP (Part the second)

Continuing our posts on the hymn section of Worship IV (the "pet name" of Worship - Fourth Edition), we're going to now comb the Christmas section of the hymnal.  Again, not all hymns will be listed.  Those not listed are those that pass without any question.  Any hymns marked with a * are new to the Worship series, but may have appeared in other hymnals, including but not limited to Gather, RitualSong, and hymnals by other publishers.

413 Silent Night / Noche de Paz ("Stille Nacht") - Adding on the Spanish is all well and good for those bi-lingual parishes that want to join in the fun.  But how about the original German?
414 Hark! the Herald Angels Sing ("Mendelssohn") - always love the carol, but certain lines on verse 3 annoy me no end.
*418 You Came among Us at Christmas Time ("Resonet in Laudibus", arr. Vaughan Williams) - the tune is always a pleasure.  However, Sr. Delores (who also infested mainstream Catholic hymn books, including Worship IV, with Sing a New Church) re-wrote the chorus so that it sounds more like a typical OCP/GIA Communion hymn.  Remember, most proper Communion antiphons didn't even come close to being Eucharistic-themed.  I say bring back Joseph Dearest, Joseph Mine from Hymnal 1940 - same tune, same harmony, half-step higher.
*421 Sing Alleluia (O'Brien) - too sing-songy, just like most of what Francis Patrick O'Brien writes.
*422 Sing We Now of Christmas ("Noel Nouvelet") - a welcome addition
423 Gloria, Gloria (Taize) - typical
424 Joy to the World ("Antioch") - now with added Spanish.
426 O Come, All Ye Faithful ("Adeste Fideles") - now with added Spanish, but good to see the Latin is also retained - four verses, and not just like one like in OCP's Today's Missal.  Second verse should read, however, "Lo! He abhors not the Virgin's womb."
427 Good Christian Friends, Rejoice ("In Dulci Jubilo") - should be "Good Christian MEN, Rejoice".
428 Go, Tell it on the Mountain (Spritual) - I love to hear the Brothers Four go to town with it on my parents' old The Great Songs of Christmas album (volume 4).  However, I'm not big on singing it at Mass, probably because of my reminder of the days of sitting back on the recliner and rockin' out with the Brothers Four.
*430 Love Has Come ("Un Flambeau") - the tune that is normally associated with Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella.  Not bad for a modern text, but nothing beats the original.
*431 Wood of the Cradle (O'Brien) - toss with the firewood
432 A Child Is Born in Bethlehem / Puer Natus in Bethlehem ("Puer Natus in Bethlehem"/Mode I) - The text was in English and Latin in Worship II.  Latin was dropped in Worship III, then returned in Worship IV.  This time, instead of four verses, there are seven.  Two of the verses ("In hoc natali gaudio" and "Laudetur sancta Trinitas") are gone, but five more have surfaced.  Let me remind you of what I mentioned in the podcast, that Richard of Catholic Light, who sang with me at First Friday Mass last week, discovered 14 verses, all in Latin.  The verses from Worship II and III are verses 1, 5, 13, and 14, according to this site with the 14 verses.  The verses from Worship IV are 1, 5, "Cognovit bos et asinus" (not amongst the verses on aforementioned link), 6, 9, 11, and 12.  Nice addition.
*434 Glory / Gloria (Sosa) - garbage / basura
*436 Star-Child (Krisman) - garbage

Next installment - the remaining solemnities of the Christmas Season.

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