Tuesday, January 17, 2012

WORSHIP IV, THE FOLLOW-UP (Part the seventh)

Trinity, Body and Blood of Christ, Sacred Heart
* = new to the Worship series

*548 O Dawn of All Creation ("Andujar") - one of some really good hymn tunes by David (not Bob) Hurd.  However, being in the Trinity section of the hymnal, I'm still trying to find a Trinitarian connection with the text.  I see descriptors such as "Dawn of all creation", "Light of incarnation", and "Flame of transformation", but no direct invoking of the Father, the Son, and/or the Holy Spirit.
549 Come Now, Almighty King ("Italian Hymn") - tune name aka "Moscow" and "Trinity".  Should be "Come, THOU Almighty King".  Missing another good hymn with the same tune: "Thou, Whose Almighty Word" (which was bastardized in Worship III to "God, Whose Almighty Word")
*550 How Wonderful the Three-in-One ("Rockingham") - the tune often used with "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross".  I like this better than the Early American tune ("Prospect"?) that is often used with this.
*552 The Play of the Godhead ("Bedford Park") - tune written by Robert Batastini, not bad.  However, almost any hymn text (including this one) that has "dance" in it, and even worse, the rhyming word "romance", gives me the shivers.  I mean, these words are perfectly acceptable in any pop love ballad, but not in a hymn.
553 Holy, Holy, Holy ("Nicaea") - please revert to Worship II text
*554 Come, Join the Dance of Trinity ("The Flight of the Earls") - see my note about "dance" in #552, above.
556 Adoro Te Devote / Hidden Here before Me (Mode V) - The third line of music is missing a note.  Those who know the hymn as well as I will spot it.  This musical alteration was also used in Worship III.  The correct melody was used in Worship II.  Also, there has been a different translation each issue - Worship II: "Godhead Here in Hiding"; Worship III: "God with Hidden Majesty"; Worship IV: "Hidden Here before Me".  The Worship II version is best.  Even OCP has been using it as of late.
557 O Food of Exiles Lowly / O Esca Viatorum ("Innsbruck") - tune name aka "First Friday" (probably in association with "O Sacred Heart, All-Holy").  Nice to see the added Latin.
*558 Tell the Gospel's Boundless Riches ("Rustington") - nice stirring Parry tune.  Text, for coming from Sr. Delores, actually isn't bad at all.
*559 O Christ, Your Heart Compassionate ("Resignation") - good
560 To Christ the Prince of Peace ("Festal Song") - Worship III used the tune "Narenza".  While "Festal Song" is a fine tune, "Narenza" seems to have a stronger association with this particular text.

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