Saturday, January 14, 2012

WORSHIP IV, THE FOLLOW-UP (Part the fifth)

Now for the Easter section of the hymnal.  * = new to the Worship series.

*498 Christ Is Risen! Shout Hosanna! (Haas) - I like Brian Wren's poetry.  So many good 87 87 D tunes out there and they pick a tune by David Haas.  Sheesh!
*499 Day of Delight ("In Der Ist Freude") - Love the tune.  Used it last fall with "In Thee Is Gladness".  However, this version was altered to be a responsory.  The refrain text is nice.  The verses could be too easily likened to Haugen's hideous "Canticle of the Sun".
*500 Goodness Is Stronger than Evil (Bell) - garbage
*503 Alleluia! Jesus is Risen! ("Earth and All Stars"/Johnson) - nice
*504 Earth, Earth, Awake (Morris) - the other Morris tune that is good.  That makes two out of a boatload.
*505 Christ Has Risen (Morris) - garbage (more typical)
*506 Who Are You Who Walk in Sorrow ("Holy Manna") - ???? (Hint: this text is copyrighted by NaPalM, administered by GIA).
507 O Sons and Daughters ("O Filii et Filiae"/Mode II) - always nice, but I prefer "YE Sons and Daughters".
508 This Is a Day of New Beginnings ("Rendez a Dieu") - better tune that what was in Worship III
511 The Strife Is O'er ("Victory") - "Lord by the stripes which wounded YOU?????"  WTF?????
512 At the Lamb's High Feast We Sing ("Salzburg") - bring back the thees and thous please!
*513 They Disbelieved for Joy ("Festal Song") - the most familiar text to go with this tune is "Rise Up, O Men of God" (aka, "Rise Up, O Saints of God").  However, the text might be a little off, considering the only one that "disbelieved" that I know of was Thomas (Didymus).
*517 Rise to Sing! the Light Is Breaking ("Pethel") - not bad at all
*518 Joyful Bells Ringing / Suenen Campanas (Bertolino) - I think of Cielito Lindo when I sight-read this piece, along with a couple of guitars, a guitarra (that big really fat guitar), and a few trumpets.  Not exactly my idea of what I want to be singing at Mass - even in English.
519 Regina Caeli (Mode VI) - with a new English translation.  I like the one in Worship III better.
*521 We Walk His Way (South African) - no thanks!
*522 Be Not Afraid, Sing Out for Joy (Taize) - in English, Czech, Polish, and Croatian.  No matter which way you slice it, still not a keeper!
*523 Christ the Lord Is Ris'n! (Ghanaian) - I'll pass!
*525 Surrexit Christus (Taize) - in Latin, English, and Lithuanian. eh...
526 Sing with All the Saints in Glory ("Hymn to Joy") - now with added Spanish.  I still like the Worship II version better ("Sing with all the SONS OF glory...")

Next installment: Ascension and Pentecost


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