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Last night, I uploaded my review of the brand-spankin'-new GIA hymnal, Worship IV, on the 185th installment of my iSNARK! podcast. During my review, I mentioned that as a follow-up I will do the best I can with this with the many new titles in this hymnal, but I'll be seeking help from the more learned. I'm going to list them all, in installments (after all, there are 614 titles in the hymn section). This is a black list, a white list, a question mark list, and an everything-in-between list. I didn't include any of the better regular staples unless something got changed about it. So here goes, part one.

NOTE: My main focus is on the hymns right now. We'll attack the music of the Mass Ordinary later. * = hymns that are new to the Worship series. Some may have appeared in Gather.

386 O Come, O Come, Emmanuel ("Veni, Veni, Emmanuel/Mode I) - thee/thou/thy eliminated, but nice to see the added Latin in the refrain. Would be nice to see the Latin verses as well.
387 O Come, Divine Messiah ("Venez, Divin Messie") - thee/thou/thy eliminated
389 Prepare the Way of the Lord (Taize) - mezza-mezza at best
*390 Wild and Lone the Prophet's Voice ("Aberystwyth") - nice tune, some questionable text "make a choice", "quitting all the sins you prized". Would have rather had "Watchman, Tell Us of the Night", which was in Worship II to the same tune.
392 On Jordan's Bank ("Winchester New") - I love the tune, but they bastardized the text once again. "Breast" in the second verse has become "soul", "heart", now "life". WTF?
*393 Awaken, Sleepers, Sing for Joy ("Tallis Ordinal") - ok
394 Come, O Long-Expected Jesus ("Jefferson") - returning the Early American tune that was in Worship II. Nice, but should be "Come THOU Long-Expected Jesus"
*396 Though Famed in Israel's Royal Hist'ry ("Wer Nur den Lieben Gott"/Neumark) - nice tune, text seems pretty good too.
*397 Like a Bird (Joncas) - garbage
*399 Are You the Coming One ("St. Thomas"/Williams) - nice tune - text questionable at best
*400 A Morning Star Draws Near ("Morning Song") - sounds good
403 The King Shall Come When Morning Dawns ("Morning Song") - good, but I'm partial to the "St. Stephen" tune that was in Worship III. Besides, only three hymns before this is another hymn set to "Morning Song".
*404 My Soul in Stillness Waits / En el Silencio Te Aguardo (Haugen) - garbage / basura
406 Awake, Awake, and Greet the New Morn (Haugen) - garbage
*407 Unexpected and Mysterious ("Dohmnach Trionoide") - nice tune, text seems ok
*408 Now the Heavens Start to Whisper ("Suo Gan") - not a big fan of the tune, but text seems ok
*409 Sleepers Wake ("Wachet Auf") - nice tune, text good, but this is the THIRD different translation of the "Wachet Auf" in three issues. Worship II had "Wake, Awake, for Night is Flying". Worship III had "Wake, O Wake, and Sleep No Longer".
*410 Wait for the Lord (in five languages/Taize) - eh...
*411 As Servants Working an Estate ("Llangloffan") - nice tune, but I'm used to seeing it in G minor. Text is a little weird. You be the judge.
*412 Maranatha, Lord Messiah (K. Powell) - not really

Tomorrow, the Christmas section!

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