Monday, June 13, 2011


Cross-posting with the iSNARK! Media feed page

To all viewers, listeners, readers, etc.

For the past few years, a flock of eighty-some strong came over and joined us at Fans of the iSNARK! at Facebook. Many of you hung around, even during my hiatus of just over a year. For that, I say, THANK YOU!

Since Facebook updated the group site, there is no longer a way to invite people to join the group. Just simply add people from your friends list and they're in. But what if you have friends that don't want to be in our little group? Add them, and they're in. But those friends might get just a bit PO'd. Some to the point of not just leaving your group, but by leaving your friends list. And I for one am not good at holding hostages!

For that reason, I created a new group site on Facebook, titled (for now) The NEW Fans of the iSNARK! Page. This is going to be the new iSNARK! page for Facebook. With this group site, it is YOUR call whether or not you would like to "Like" the page. That gets you in - at your will, not mine. OF COURSE: I'd LOVE for you to go to the page and "Like" it (hitting the "Like" button. But at least it will be your will.

So please, if you joined us at one point on the old "Fans of the iSNARK!" page (formerly "Fans of Christus Vincit ANYWHERE!", btw), or would like to join, simply go to the new site and hit the "Like" button. Thank you much for your support!



CLICK HERE then "Like"
(pretty please!)

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