Thursday, June 30, 2011


In light of that hideous text titled A Living Faith that has been replacing Faith of Our Fathers in every frickin' hymnal that GIA has published since 1997 (to date: RitualSong, Catholic Community Hymnal, Gather Comprehensive Second Edition, and the forthcoming Worship Fourth Edition and God only knows what next), and the thread on my Facebook wall which has gone off to this very topic...

This parody text is one composed by the late Jay Ricketts back in 1998, back when a few of us on the Yahoo! group Contemporary Catholic Music were taking part in a game called "Trash the Hymn". Some of these were quite good. I'm considering putting the whole collection on a .pdf and linking it.

Anyhoo, without further ado, Faith of Our Relatives, by Jay Ricketts (+2008)

1. Faith of our uncles, aunties too, / each Christmas and Easter they come find a pew
She lost her rosary under the bed / He's got his bible out in the shed
(leveling the legs on his workbench)

Faith of our relatives, lukewarm faith / We might just improve this song to death

2. Faith of our cousins and cousinettes / They haven't seen a Sunday mass yet
Weddings and funerals, a baptism or two / But Sundays they golf, or stay home and get stewed

Faith of our relatives, lightweight faith / We might just improve this song to death

3. Faith of our in-laws, why, only last June / They headed for Sunday mass, at noon
Their first mass in years, but then on a hunch / Drove past the church so they wouldn't miss brunch

Faith of our relatives, marginal faith / We just improved this song to death


Bear said...

I wrote my own verse, way back:

Faith of first cou-ou-sins o-once removed
And drunken uncles, neurotic aunts
Let's not forget modern techno-o-logy
Let's we omit those made in a la-bo-ra-to-ry!

Faith of our relatives
Relative faith!
We will be true, to you,
For now!

Brian Michael Page said...

I should have added this to my latest podcast episode (this was a feature topic on the show I just uploaded last night). Do I get your permission to add this on my next show? (LMAO - "for now")

Bear said...

Feel free.

Brian Michael Page said...

Thank you Bear! You're a gentleman and a scholar! :)

Puff the Magic Dragon said...


I think you mean

Lest we omit


Let's we omit

as here: