Saturday, September 25, 2010


Some audio clips will come soon!

This morning I covered a very small funeral at a church I haven't played in a while - St. John the Baptist in Pawtucket, RI. No cantor, no request line, just little old me singing from the console. The music lineup is a little different from what one may hear at your typical Catholic funeral in the Ordinary Form. In fact, some of the music has a little bit of a LOCAL flavor to it.

Entrance: I heard the voice of Jesus say / "Kingsfold"
Psalm: The Lord is my Shepherd / written by yours truly, from the Chabanel project
Alleluia: Mode VI, with verse (I am the resurrection and the life...) sung to tone 6F
Offertory: Jesus, Son of Mary / "Adoro Te Devote"
Sanctus, Memorial, and Amen: Community Mass / Richard Proulx
Agnus Dei XVIII
Communion: I believe that my Redeemer lives / Alexander Peloquin
Final Commendation: Saints of God / written by yours truly in 1993
Recessional: May the angels lead you / written by yours truly in 1990


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Mara Joy said...

I love it when I get to play funerals with no music choices... (well, love is a relative term I suppose- perhaps I could say I *hate* it when the family picks the music!)