Sunday, April 10, 2011




For those who haven't gotten their Latin intact yet, that's:

And to boot, it's a steady PARISH position!

Yes, at long last, I have been offered my first steady parish position in nearly 3-1/2 years, and I accepted. I am the new organist/choirmaster of Sacred Heart Church in West Warwick, Rhode Island, effective this coming Saturday, April 16, 2011.

You may scratch your head thinking, "Why would you start right with Holy Week?" Let's just say that Dave Sylvester, my good friend and now also predecessor, and I have worked on this transition for a couple of months. I purposely waited till today to announce this out of respect for Dave. After all, he has served Sacred Heart for ten years and has been an organist overall for 41 years, and has felt it was his time to retire. For that reason, I felt the need to wait until the official announcement was made from the parish.

Here is said announcement, by the pastor, Fr. Richard Bucci, in today's parish bulletin:

Farewell & Welcome
This weekend will be the last for our organist, David Sylvester. As you already know, David came to Sacred Heart as I did ten years ago and was previously with me at SS. Peter and Paul (on the other side of the mountain).
I thank him for his commitment to the musical heritage and tradition of the Church which allows the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to be celebrated with proper dignity and solemnity.
I also welcome Brian Page as a fitting replacement. Brian was formerly the organist at Holy Name Parish in Providence and also has a commitment to the musical traditions of Christ's Church.
While we are sorry to lose David, we are blessed in having Brian replace him.

As for music selections: the pastor picks the hymns (trust me, he keeps it traditional!) for the Entrance, Offertory, Meditation (after Communion), and Recessional. I get to pick the anthem/motet during Communion, and the Mass (Psalms/Ordinary, etc.) with feedback from the pastor. Again, you may scratch your head, "why would you want to let someone else pick the hymns?" Again, Father keeps it traditional. He is very much into restoration of the sacred. You can be guaranteed NOT to hear City of God or Massive Cremation or Gather Us In, or similar ilk. I trust his judgement, thus, I have no problem with this situation.

Choir right now is a duet (trio when my bass voice is added). I will be looking to build on that.

So, special thanks to Dave Sylvester and Fr. Bucci for helping restore the sacred at Sacred Heart Parish, and for offering me the chance to keep it going. It should be known that when Dave gave his retirement notice to Fr. Bucci, he gave Father my name as a possible replacement. The interview that week was the easiest interview I had since my interview with Holy Name twelve years ago.

Holy Week music will be posted shortly. Thank you all for your prayers past, present, and future!



Mary said...

Congratulations, I'm glad you are finally able to be back in a parish!

Brian Michael Page said...

Thanks much Mary. And a very good theologically-solid pastor to work for.

Richard Chonak said...

That's great news: and there's not a more deserving candidate!

Brian Michael Page said...

Thanks much Rich.

cuaguy said...


One question though- Were you really working there since 2001, and just decided to tell us all know, and bi-locating all these days until just very recently?

(aka you might want to check the date in the post ;)

Brian Michael Page said...

All fixed David. Thanks much. Must be the excitement. :)

Actually, in 2001 I was at Holy Name. I did have a short stint at Sacred Heart early in 1989, but I wish not to discuss that stint at this time. I'm fixing to keep things positive.


Bear said...

Thank God, Brian. I am happy to hear you finally have a job you love that allows you to use you talents.

Brian Michael Page said...

Thanks much Bear. How's things up in the Great White North? I finally have a reason to start blogging regularly again. BTW, don't forget to check out for all my updated original fare.