Monday, March 5, 2012

AH YES! DAS FLUKE! (March 2012 WTF Award)

Let me call your attention to a couple of stories:

Both talk about Miz Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown University law student who got to speak to a panel of wackocrats, hoping that the government will pay for the necessary medicine that will prevent her from becoming a mommy when she least expects while doing her three years at the law school (in a Catholic university, mind you, or perhaps Catholic in name only since it accommodated Obama at AT LEAST one occasion that I can recall).  Let's see: 60 grand in tuition.  She claims she'd be doling out three grand in birth control (that's a g-note a year).  However, according to the first report, one can go to WallyWorld and get said birth control pills for just five bucks a month, thus saving her $940 a year in my book.  For that same price, her man-du-jour could shell out the same five bucks and get a box of rubbers (the term I grew up with in high school and college).  Wait: she can even save the other 60 bucks by simply doing the world a huge favor, that is, keeping her legs closed.  So if she's spending 60 grand in tuition each year, another $60 ain't gonna make a bit of difference.  Take that from someone who's never seen what 60 grand looks like!
Further, a mere 14% of those who use the pill (according to the first story) actually use the pill for something other than to prevent their own offspring.  Therefore, only 4 to 5% of the entire student body (assuming, and only assuming, that 40% or so use contraception) use it for non-contraceptory purposes.  Those rare cases I can understand, and I'm sure an honest doctor (I'm talking a real doctor and not some chimp from Planned Barrenhood) would have no problem faxing the necessity to the insurance company.  But for the case of simply assuring the freedom to (as one commentor on the second story put it) "get laid like it's 1999, but not wanting to pay $19.99 to do it"?  Hell, no!  Ya wanna play, ya gotta pay!  If you can't afford to have the painters in, keep'em out!

Oh, and this crap (from someone on a friend's Facebook wall) about Viagra being covered by insurance?  My insurance does NOT cover Viagra.  I don't know about other insurances, but mine doesn't.  Oh well!  Tisk, tisk!  What's fair is fair.

Rush Limbaugh has nothing to be sorry for.  He gets paid for telling it like it is.  For me, telling it like it is is merely part of my pro bono work.

And another thing - these Catholics in name only: Fluke, Sibelius, Pelosi (all flukes, just like Obama, but nonetheless) would all have been excommunicated "latae sententiae" by Cardinal Burke if he was to be their Ordinary.

Miz Fluke is studying law.  You would think she'd learn to uphold the constitution of her country instead of trying to screw it up.  Bad enough other wackocrats (Sibilius, Pelosi, Obama, Barney Phwank, David Chickachini, Weldon Shitehouse, and Lincoln Chafee to name a few) are already trying to do so.

This is not your father's Democratic party.  The Democrats I knew in my youth never pushed for the kind of crap these wackos are pushing for.  In Rhode Island, we had J. Joseph Garrahy for a governor - one of the last of the true pro-life Democrats (and a true Catholic) - in the late 1970's-early 1980's.  He treasured his state AND his Church.


PS: The March 2012 WTF AWARD goes to Sandra the Fluke!

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