Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I Lent and Stations of the Cross at Sacred Heart

First Sunday of Lent
Saturday II-13-16 at 5 PM; Sunday II-14-16 at 7:30, 9, and 11:15 AM

Entrance hymn: Praise to the Holiest in the height, "Newman"
Kyrie: from Messa Populare "Laus Tibi Christe", Federico Caudana
Psalm 91: R./ Be with me, Lord, when I am in trouble, R./ by C. Alexander Peloquin, V./ by Joseph Gelineau, SJ
Gospel Acclamation: Gospel Acclamation "Vexilla Regis", BMP
Offertory hymn: Lord, who throughout these forty days, "St. Flavian"
Sanctus: Mass XVIII
Memorial Acclamtion: Save us, Savior of the world, ICEL chant
Amen: adapt. from the Sanctus of Mass VIII
Agnus Dei: Mass XVIII 
Communion anthem: My song is love unknown, John Ireland
Post-Communion hymn: When I survey the wondrous cross, "Rockingham"
Recessional hymn: Jesus, Name all names above, "St. Theoctistus"

Stations of the Cross and Holy Communion
Tuesdays of Lent and Passiontide at 7 PM

Format for all six Tuesdays:
At the Entrance, and after each Station: At the Cross her station keeping 
- The book we use has two verses at the very beginning, two verses after station 1, one verse each after stations 2-6, two verses after station 7, one verse each after stations 8-13, and two verses after station 14.
The Lord's Prayer is recited.
Agnus Dei: Mass XVIII
Ecce, Agnus Dei is recited.
Communion hymn:
- Jesus, my Lord, my God, my All, "Sweet Sacrament" (February 16, March 1 and 15)
- Let thy Blood in mercy poured, "Jesu, Meine Zuversicht" (February 23, March 8 and 22)
Recessional hymn: Lift high the cross, "Crucifer"


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