Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The Three-Day Weekend


Holy Angels Mass (BMP) (Gloria if sung, Memorial A) (PDF's)
- Note: Gloria omitted on Friday
Heritage Mass (Alstott) (Sanctus, Agnus)

Sacred Heart Community Mass (First Friday)
Friday, VIII-3, at 6 PM

Entrance hymn: O Sacred Heart, O Love Divine
Psalm 69: R./ Lord, in your great love, answer me (BMP, but with versicles in missalette) (PDF)
Alleluia: Alstott
Offertory hymn: Panis Angelicus (Lambillotte)
Communion responsory: Bless the Lord, O my soul... (Bartlett)
Recessional hymn: To Jesus' Heart, all-burning ("Cor Amoris")

Sunday XVIII of the Year
Saturday, VIII-4, at 5 PM; Sunday, VIII-5, at 7:30, 9, and 11:15 AM

Entrance hymn: Alleluia! sing to Jesus ("Hyfrydol" / vv. 1, 3, 4)
Psalm 78: R./ The Lord gave them bread from heaven (Rice) (PDF)
Alleluia: Alstott
Offertory hymn: Father, we thank thee who hast planted ("Rendez a Dieu")
Communion responsory: You gave us bread from heaven, O Lord (PDF)
Meditation hymn: Tantum ergo ("St. Thomas", in Latin)
Recessional hymn: Tell out, my soul, the greatness of the Lord ("Woodlands")

Quod scripsi, scripsi!

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