Sunday, May 22, 2005


MAY 29, 2005
CORPUS CHRISTI (The Body and Blood of Christ)

4:30 (Sat.) and 7:30 (Sun.) - Me, myself, and I
9:00 - Junior Choir
10:30 - Senior Choir (Mass with conclude with Eucharistic Procession, followed by Benediction)

Introit (10:30): Tone 8
Processional: BICENTENNIAL - You satisfy the hungry heart (#342)
Gloria (10:30): Peloquin - Mass of the Bells
Psalm: Alstott - Praise the Lord, Jerusalem (page 24, missalette)
Alleluia: Mode VI
Offertory: UNDE ET MEMORES - Lord, who at thy first Eucharist (#319)
Sanctus: Peloquin - Mass of the Bells
Mysterium: Tone 8 - When we eat this bread....
Amen: Peloquin - Mass of the Bells
Lord's Prayer: Chant setting in English
Agnus Dei: Peloquin - Mass of the Bells
Communion: Batastini/Berthier - Eat this Bread (#343)
Comm. Proper (10:30): Tone 8
Recessional (except 10:30): HYFRYDOL - Alleluia! sing to Jesus (#740)
Procession (10:30)
1) SWEET SACRAMENT - Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All
2) NON DIGNUS - O Sacrament Most Holy
3) ADORO TE DEVOTE - Godhead here in hiding
Procession will be outdoors, circling the church.
Benediction follows:
4) Mode III - Tantum Ergo (in Latin)
5) GROSSER GOTT - Holy God, we praise thy Name

+In Christ, the Eucharistic Lord,

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