Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Abuse Cycle Continues

So my predecessor, who was also abused at CTK CC is now back on the bench. I feel sorry, most of the time, for the abused. It's a vicious cycle - especially when a person feels they have a cause ("I do it for the kids" or "who would walk the dog?"). So keep the abused in your prayers.

Abuse of any person by any other person for any reason is a SIN, people. When priests do it - well (I'm not talking about the sex), they deserve to be caned.

Enough for now..... I'm on a tirade - my dear wife's siblings have been acting as though they were spawned in some primordial grease hole. And their father is not even cold in the grave.

May all of us honor the memory of the meek, lowly, the great, the strong, the honorable.


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