Sunday, February 13, 2011


RSCT (for those who forgot what that is, "Red Sox Cap Tip") to Argent:

As I pasted the "embed" link to this, I can't get over the length of the code used to embed, compared to YouTube. Anyhoo...

I, like Argent, have been pretty lucky in not having too many "bridezillas" at the Wedding Mass. I've had many more struggles with funeral music than with weddings. I think the last time I wanted to strangle someone over music is when I was up in a choir loft (circa 1984), and a guitarist was downstairs by the altar. The guitarist was lucky of the distance between her and me in the church as I wanted so desperately to take the guitar and wrap it around her freakin' neck. Her song at Communion: "Up Where We Belong", from An Officer and a Gentleman. Now any time the song comes on the radio, I can't change the station fast enough!

As for the funeral struggles, Argent mentioned how people will ask for inappropriate music and then mention that they've worshipped here for x-amount of decades, and other useless "blah, blah, blah!" My former pastor from the "roundhouse" I once played would excuse such bad music by telling me that they're "good Catholic people." AH HA! So I guess that excuses them from proper catechesis?


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Bear said...

I had a different problem at my father-in-law's funeral. I was supposed to sing the funeral, and we were told by the priest that the organist had said he would be at the church early to go over the music with me. However, that was at the time of the G8 summit, and traffic was terrible, and the organist showed up five minutes before the service, and he told me that he had only been told twenty minutes earlier that he was to play today. Then the choir showed up, and wondered what I was doing there. I insisted I would handle almost all the singing. I went over the music with the organist, only to discover he didn't know any of it, although he did know Schubert's Ave Maria, except in a soprano key. Then the wrong priest showed up to do the service, and he changed all the readings...

I did the singing, but the only playing the organist did was my cue notes. "Give me an "f"!" and so on. What a day.