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as part of the Psalm 151 project:

Four Psalm settings by yours truly, three of which were tried, tested, and gone over well in every parish I've worked at but one since the day I wrote these (that one oddball being the "Roundhouse" - those who know me personally know where that is):

PALM SUNDAY: My God, My God - originally conceived in 1995
HOLY THURSDAY: Our Blessing Cup - originally conceived in 1992
GOOD FRIDAY: Father, into Your Hands - originally conceived in 1992 as Father, I put my life in your hands, but reborn as Father, into your hands, I commend my spirit in 1998 to conform with the Lectionary changes at that time.

Those three have been successfully used in Woonsocket, Providence, and Tiverton, as long as I've been music director there. The only exception is the following, as it is mainly for cathedral use:

CHRISM MASS: For Ever I Will Sing - originally conceived in 1992

BTW, DON'T FORGET!!! If you don't find these Psalms right away on the front page, simply consult the Responsorial Psalm Calendar, which lists all the Psalms sorted in liturgical order.

PSALM 151, from Christus Vincit Music! In both NAB and RGP translations, and written with the organ, choir, and congregation in mind! Use them at any parish! I dare you!


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