Sunday, June 24, 2012


#638 in Worship - Fourth Edition

Perfectly fit for an episode of the Wiggles, or the New Zoo Revue (people my age might remember that one), maybe not so much Barney, but damn close.  It also reminds me of an old ditty from Ren and Stimpy that relies on just four words (my wife will kill me for using these words together in one sitting, but for example purposes, I have to - sorry honey xoxo): Happy Happy Joy Joy!

The title enough is goofy.  The rest of the text is equally bad, as is the music (the tune is called ANITA, written by Sally Ann Morris - Worship IV seems to have picked up a lot of her tunes - almost as many as Marty Haugen and David Haas - just as bad, which range from "sing songy" at best to downright ugly at worst, like this tune).

This is yet another "let's praise ourselves" motif gone bad:
- We're the echo of God's laughter, We're the image of God's smile.
- We're the proof of God's good humor, We're the twinkle in God's eye, Made to shine, reflect the glory, Given light and space to fly. (like the Great Space Coaster!  Get on board!)
- We are loved, though so absurd, Human, foolish, chosen people, God still takes us at our word.

Barf-o-rama!  Seriously - the author of this text, Shirley Erena Murray, had to have consulted the Tom Conry book of lyric writing (the song "Anthem" - We are called, we are chosen, we are Christ for one another, We are question, We are creed, We are this, We are that) to write this collection of words that passes for a hymn text these days.

Oh, and let's top this off with verse 3:
- Sarah laughed at God's good timing (huh?!), Mary sang (well, she did sing, or perhaps recited, the Magnificat) and David danced (he wrote Psalms instead - 150 songs to the Lord in many different moods), Jesus smiled and hugged the children -- So is life for us enhanced.

And now the chorus:
- Alleluia, all creation, alleluia everyone! (twice)

Sing a happy alleluia?  Well, I'd hate to sing an angry alleluia.  Sing THIS happy alleluia?  Let's not and say we did.



Православный физик said...

I won't be singing that EVER

Brian Michael Page said...

Me neither.

Bear said...

Hope I never hear that one.

Brian Michael Page said...

You won't hear it at Sacred Heart, that's for sure!