Friday, October 14, 2005


Fr. John Kiley's "Quiet Corner" is printed weekly in our diocesan newspaper, the Providence Visitor, and is also published in the website of one of the two parishes he runs in Warwick, RI. His articles are often better than most. This one was printed in the September 15 edition, where Father had gone West, only to attend Mass and encounter a horrid scene. Chime in, y'all, and let me know if any of this stuff goes on in your parish, or your neighbor's parish.

BTW, my take on Fr. Kiley's column's: the man is a "must read". The progressives can't stand him. The Catholics love him. I'm glad he's in this diocese, and dean of his deanery. He's wonderful. He should have been head of the diocesan worship department.
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The Leper said...

Thank you for the link.
Father Kiley is gonna provide me with some excellent readings (and also give me yet another sin for confession -- I suffer from pastor envy. 'Zat one of the Seven Deadlies?)

The Leper