Monday, October 24, 2005


It's a pleasure to find out that one of the priests involved in THE NEW LITURGICAL MOVEMENT blog is only two towns northwest of my parish. Yes - he's Father Thomas Kocik, a priest at St. Thomas More in Somerset MA, and is author of "Reform of the Reform?" For those who don't know the Fall River MA area, Somerset is just west of Fall River, and my parish in Tiverton RI is just south of Fall River. He, like my own boss, has a wonderful sense of liturgy. Hard to find two like that in a 15-minute stretch like that these days.

My opinion - the younger generation of seminarians coming around (in general) are doing something many of the priests of the '70's and '80's didn't - and that's see eye to eye with the liturgy. These younger priests/seminarians I've run into lately seem to have a pretty dang good appreciation for the Sacred. For that, I commend them!


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