Sunday, October 5, 2008


St. John the Baptist, Pawtucket, RI
27th Sunday of Ordinary Time

BUNESSAN...This day God gives me
- (I actually have no problem with this tune. Many may frown on it because Cat Stevens - now "Yusuf Islam" - made it popular with Morning has broken, but I like it best with David Evans' accompaniment as found in the 1975 Worship II and the 1958 Pilgrim Hymnal.)
Alstott...The vineyard of the Lord and Alleluia
WERDE MUNTER...Jesu, joy of our (should be man's) desiring
Proulx...Sanctus, Christ has died, and Amen from Community Mass
Isele...Agnus Dei from Holy Cross Mass
- (I stopped singing after the Agnus.)
Norbet...Bread that was sown
Haas...We are called
- (The credit should read "David Haas, first line ripped off from Come Sail Away by Dennis DeYoung and Styx". The melody is just awful. Even the best of organists couldn't do justice to this one - and Paul is very good at the console. Sorry, Paul. I have to say it.)


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