Friday, October 3, 2008

NEW FROM MATTEL, make that the Catholic Caveman.

Personally, I would have rather seen her run for president (both presidential candidates suck - my opinion - I wrote in Stephen Colbert in the primary and I'll do it again in November if I have to) instead of vice president. This girl GETS IT!

As for the Barbie thing - every Advent (and even a couple of weeks before) when I'm hearing all those tacky hideous pieces that pass for Christmas music, I start imagining what the market would be like with "Trailer Trash Barbie", or "Street Corner Barbie", or "Homewrecker Ken".



Bear said...

If you despise "Barbie" then you must just hate "Bratz" with all the righteous hatred of a father trying to raise his daughters well. If you haven't heard of them, go over to Dyspeptic and do a site search for "Bratz" and get Dale's take on that particularly hideous franchise.

Brian Michael Page said...

"Bratz"? "Whorz" is more like it.

Bear said...

Yeah, I've seen the "slutz" variation used as well.

Mara Joy said...

Please don't write in Stephen Colbert...
If Obama wins, then millions more innocent babies WILL be slaughtered.
If McCain wins, they MIGHT be saved.
I hope you would never have to wonder if your vote might have made a difference.