Sunday, October 26, 2008


30th Sunday of Ordinary Time
St. John the Baptist Church, Pawtucket, RI

EIN' FESTE BERG...A mighty fortress is our God
- They used the text written by the wife of Robert Schuller (of Hour of Power fame)
Alstott...I love you, Lord, my strength and Alleluia
PICARDY...Christians, let us love one another
Proulx...Sanctus, Christ has died, and Amen from A Community Mass
Isele...Agnus Dei from Holy Cross Mass
Peloquin...Faith, hope, and love from Lyric Liturgy
- My eyes lit up like a pinball machine when I heard this! I was in my glory!
AZMON...The Spirit sends us forth to serve



PhiMuAlpha2681 said...

A Roman Catholic Church singing Luther's "battle hymn" on Reformation Sunday. Oh the irony.... LOL

Lyn F. said...

Interesting. I've not heard of that text paired with Picardy. Naturally, I associate Picardy with "Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence."

Fangurl alert: last night, after Compline, I was squeeing on the way home when they played the Bairstow setting of Let All Mortal Flesh ... at the Episcopal church where I sang with the choir until relatively recently, we always started with that piece as the Introit for Advent Lessons and Carols.

Just a bit of useless information for a Monday evening ...