Saturday, December 6, 2008


On my way back from doing some business in Beverly, Massachusetts, for my teenage son's rock band this afternoon, I spotted a very prominent church, St. Mary Star of the Sea. It was about ten past three, and I took a curiosity peek (I would have loved to stay for Mass, but my son and his bandmates were waiting and we had to get back to *shudder* Rhode Island).

What I saw was nothing short of EXCELLENT!

I have the printed program for the 4:00 Vigil Mass for II Advent right in front of me:

Introit: Populus Sion (in Latin, with parallel English translation)
Kyrie from Missa Emmanuel
Psalm: Lord, let us see your kindness (from Worship III)
Alleluia wasn't listed here (I wish I was a fly on the wall - I'm sure it wasn't Celtic!)
Offertory: Deus tu convertens (again, in Latin with parallel English)
Sanctus, Memorial, Amen, and Agnus from Jubilate Deo
Communion: Jerusalem, surge (Latin, with parallel English)
- Hymn: Veni, veni, Emmanuel (with Latin refrain given for the congregation)
Recessional: Lift up your heads, ye mighty gates..."Truro"

The front page of the bulletin also includes the entrance hymn listed as "When the King shall come again" ("Gaudeamus Pariter").

The hymnal in the pew is Worship III. Though I'm not a fan of the bastardized texts, I still have to say that overall, this is the best hymnal currently in print published by one of the "big three" publishers. What went wrong in GIA's mindset after that is beyond me.

This is an EXCELLENT music program happening in a beautiful church. This COULD be your parish, with the right support!

Christus Vincit tips its hat to St. Mary Star of the Sea Church, Beverly, Massachusetts!


Scelata said...

It's so encouraging to read about parishes with good music programs -- I'm waiting for someone, somewhere to post about one in New York state, (Poughkeepsie area,) to recommend to a friend of mine who despairs of finding music that helps her enter into the sacred. She asks for recommendations, and I can't give her one.

(Save the Liturgy, Save the World)

Richard Chonak said...

Brian!!! You could have come up and said hello! Mike Olbash leads that schola monthly, and the rest of the music program under Fred MacArthur is good too. Fr Barnes usually says the canon in Latin for those Masses with the schola.

Lynne said...

It's a beautiful church and Father Barnes is a wonderful, young orthodox priest. They are *so* lucky to have him!