Saturday, January 24, 2009


Some of you may remember that I had made a New Year's Resolution for the first time in a long time.

In following through with said resolution, I just sent out my first resume of 2009 - to a church in the Diocese of Worcester (Massachusetts). I won't mention the name of the church, but I will tell you it does have a two-manual pipe organ in the choir loft (I don't know who built it, and won't till I get to audition).

Should I get the job, I get to serve in a diocese where, like my home diocese in Providence, there is a great bishop (Bp. McManus, who was an Auxiliary in Providence before becoming an Ordinary in Worcester).



Lyn F. said...

Good luck with that Brian! I have some fond memories of my time in Worcester, having gone to St. Peter's on Main Street (which was across the street from the university, and practically in my backyard after I moved off-campus). It's also a good city for organists, I hear - my organ teacher waxes poetic about the ... I think it's a Hook and Hastings? ... in Memorial Auditorium. Our friend Randy R. also knows the organs in Worcester as well, and if you recall, Joe Sco went to Holy Cross as an undergrad.

Keep us posted! My prayers are with you as you continue your job search.

Brian Michael Page said...

Thanks much Lyn.
This one isn't in the city of Worcester, but it is within the diocese.
That Hook and Hastings... possibly Mechanics Hall? That's an old historic four-manual tracker about as old as the Civil War.

Anonymous said...


Adrienne said...

Exciting - keep us posted...

Lyn F. said...

D'oh! It's been way too long since I was in Worcester! You're right, it is Mechanics Hall. Memorial Aud. is in Raleigh.

DJL said...

Bishop McManus is a wonderful man; he was in residence at my church for many years. Good luck with the job!

Brian Michael Page said...

Bp. McManus celebrated the Extraordinary Form High Mass a couple of times when I was at Holy Name (Gaudete Sunday 1999 and 2000). He did the Mass very well, IMO.

Do any parishes in the Worcester diocese have an Extraordinary Form Mass? Curious.

Sam Schmitt said...

Currently no parish in the diocese has an EF mass. However, there have been a number of EF masses recently at Immaculate Conception in Fitchburg, Mass. (with yours truly conducting the choir). It has wonderful acoustics and a vintage Casavant organ. I think the hope is to start having the EF on a regular basis, but we'll have to see.