Saturday, December 26, 2009

Et Incarnatus est

God's love is purveyed to each of us in the minutiae of our lives as much as in the major events. Maybe God's brilliance in this is the fact that we are able to survive His Grace more easily. Our minds are perhaps not fully capable in this earthly life, to be able to embrace all his goodness and love without exploding.

And perhaps it is thusly (oh, please forgive my use of that dreadful word), that we are always astonished at the birth of a boy, whose birthingplace was made known by the explosion of a star thousands of years before our earthly presence was graced with his.

As we encounter family and friends, and others, I pray that you will have a momentary explosion of thankfulness at the Incarnation of the one who has loved us more than all others combined.

Et incarnatus est.


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