Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Anyone having a hard time buying/receiving that "perfect Christmas gift"?

Well, Fr. Erik got the ultimate gift, made in an attempt to revive the Chia Pet industry...

Saith Fr. Erik:
I will water him and fertilize him… and put him in the sun....and name him Barry! Then at a time of my own choosing, he will go in a dry, dark closet. And I will repeat the process! Muahahahaha!

Now we need the "Pissed Off Chia Obama", for those days he's foaming at the mouth after learning that someone he just bailed out with our tax dollars just allegedly misspent the money.

Now for something even more frightening... the ChiaPelosi:

Chia Kennedy (Patrick, that is) coming soon.

BTW, Where's OUR bail out?

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