Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Here it is, the annual Tossmas video. RSCT to the Curt Jester.


UPDATE 12/3/09: I've been seeing some improvement in the Christmas department as of late. WalMart and JC Penney actually say Christmas in their commercials. I've seen that same improvement in a few other commercials that I can't remember the source of at this point. Further, normally I land up boycotting two of my favorite radio stations as of All Saints' Day due to their overkill of 24/7 playing of Christmas muzak, you know, that stuff that passes for yuletide favorites, or as many of the radio stations call them, "holiday favorites". This year, two of those stations waited till 11/15 (whoopie!), and another actually waited until Thanksgiving. To boot, one of the stations that started with the crap on 11/15 actually calls it "Boston's Favorite Christmas Music", instead of all that "holiday" crap. That said, any 24/7 of nothing but Christmas tunes is overkill, at least until Christmas Eve. -BMP


Motherhen said...

Great video. I was thinking this the other day. Why are the retailers so gung ho to take our $$ but afraid to say Christmas in their ads. If it weren't for Christmas, there would be no big spending. Duh.

Motherhen said...

Aggh, and I don't mean that we have to spend lots of $$ because it's Christmas, but if we weren't celebrating Christmas, there would be nothing for the retailers to hawk!