Friday, September 30, 2011

MUSIC FOR HOLY MASS (First of the Month Edition)

Twenty-Seventh Sunday of Ordinary Time - October 2, 2011
Sacred Heart, West Warwick, RI

Entrance hymn: Christ is made the sure foundation (Westminster Abbey)
Psalm 80: The vineyard of the Lord (Alstott; Respond and Acclaim)
Alleluia: Twynham (verse to Tone 6F)
Offertory hymn: O Jesus, I have promised (Day of Rest)
Sacramentary 2010 chants (Sanctus, Memorial, Agnus)
Amen: adapted from Sanctus VIII
Communion anthem: O sacrum convivium (Remondi)
Meditation hymn: Let thy blood in mercy poured (Luise)
Recessional hymn: Hosanna to the living Lord (Hosanna)
- (Hymnal has Hosanna in A-flat. However, I'll be using F at 7:30, G at the rest.)


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