Thursday, April 19, 2012


That be Jubilate Deo as in Psalm LXVI (LXV), as opposed to Psalm C (IC or XCIX) in Eastertide, which be Sunday III in Paschal Time, which be this coming Sunday, which be IV-22-12.

Did you get all that?  Me neither!

Now that I'm done toying with your heads, here is the music list for this coming weekend at Sacred Heart Church:

Entrance: W-455 MIT FREUDEN ZART - Rejoice, angelic choirs, rejoice
Gloria VIII
Psalm 4: LeBlanc/Gelineau - Lord, let your face shine on us
Alleluia from O Filii et Filiae (verse from Respond and Acclaim)
Offertory: W-461 HEIL, UNS HEIL, ALLELUIA - Christ the Lord is ris'n today
- (This tune also appears under the title Victimae Paschali, as the hymn itself is a paraphrase of the Easter Sequence)
Sanctus and Agnus Dei: Picchi - Missa 'Cristo Riscuciti'
Memorial: Mortem tuam annuntiamus, Domine
Amen: Marier
Communion: Perosi - Ave Verum
Meditation: W-443 Mode VI - Regina Caeli (we do both the English and Latin versions - too short to do just one!)
Recessional: W-449 VREUCHTEN - This joyful Eastertide


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