Wednesday, May 16, 2012


A different sort of Top Ten List

In a secular pop/rock-type song I wrote back in 2001, I am the self-proclaimed Game Show Couch Potato.  I love game shows, especially the old school shows from the 1960's and 1970's.  Some of the ones I enjoyed watching in my childhood were:

- Match Game (both the 60's version on NBC AND the 70's version on CBS)
- Family Feud (most especially the Richard Dawson original run)
- Jeopardy (How many remember Art Fleming hosting this in the 70's?)
- The Who, What, or Where Game (Art James)
- The Hollywood Squares (with Peter Marshall; also, the short-lived Saturday morning kids' version, The Storybook Squares)
- Concentration (with Hugh Downs, then Bob Clayton)
- Password (and Password All-Stars, the ABC version)
- Eye Guess, Three on a Match, and Winning Streak (three Bill Cullen gems)
- What's My Line? (the syndicated run with Wally Bruner, then Larry Blyden)
- The Movie Game (another Larry Blyden gem)
- Whew, and You Don't Say (two Tom Kennedy gems)
- To Tell the Truth (the Garry Moore run)
- $ale of the ¢entury - (the original run with Jim Kelly, then Joe Garagiola)
- Joe Garagiola's Memory Game (that one only lasted a few months)
- The NEW Price is Right (back when it was still NEW)
- The Joker's Wild (Jack Barry, who was caught in the middle of the old old quiz show scandals)
- Gambit (Wink Martindale) 
- Jackpot and Treasure Hunt (two Geoff Edwards gems)
- Dealer's Choice (Jack Clark)
- The Gong Show
and finally:
- Letters to Laugh-In (with Gary Owens)

...just to name a few.  (tee hee)

Anyways, I've been going back to some old game show clips on YouTube, and couldn't resist doing a top ten list of my favorite dumb answers given on Family Feud (these are real, by the way, actually given during "Fast Money" rounds).  So, from the home office here in Rhode Island, home of Governor Gump, here are the TOP TEN FAMILY FEUD DUMB ANSWERS:

10. Name a month in which a woman begins to show she's pregnant.  (September)
9. Something that comes with a summer storm. (Snow)
8. Name an animal with three letters in its name.  (Frog)
7. Name an animal with three letters in its name.  (Alligator)
- (Note: The guy who answered #7 is the FATHER of the guy who answered #8!)
6. Name a brand of gasoline.  (Regular)
5. Name a brand of gasoline.  (Ethyl) (#'s 6 and 5 were by the same father-son duo!)
4. Name a time that most people get up.  (In the Morning)
3. Name a time when people go to bed.  (At Night)  (same guy who answered #4)
2. Name something people lose at the beach. (Beach Ball)
1. A beverage you stir before you drink.  (Water)



Bear said...

I remember a few good ones.

Name a number you must remember. (Seven)

Name a yellow fruit (Orange).

The last one was particularly funny. it was final round, speed money, last guy. The previous one had answered that question with "lemon". The second guy repeated that answer, and when Dawson told him to give another answer, instead of moving along "yellow" he moved along "citrus". Hence, Orange. The second the word was out of his mouth he realized his folly, so his answer was really: "Orange. Oh, jeez..." Dawson broke out laughing and they had to stop the clock for him to regain composure.

Brian Michael Page said...

He had to stop the clock with #10 on my list, and with #1. In fact, the same dame who answered #1 also answered "Name something that parents give to their kids when they leave for college" with "Toaster oven", also prompting him to stop the clock.
And the guy that answered #7 and #5: well, time ran out at the last answer and Richard just yelled out, "OH, THE HELL WITH IT!". He and his son COMBINED totaled 83 points in speed round.