Thursday, November 8, 2012


...but something really fishy has been going on the last couple of elections.

And the killer of it is, like most haunting creatures, they only come out at night!!!
I'm talking about mysterious, yet chronic, come-from-behind victories by candidates that aren't even fit to run an outhouse, let alone any kind of political office.

Let's rewind to 2010, the gubernatorial race in Rhode Island.  There were SEVEN guys - count'em - SEVEN that ran for Rhode Island Governor.  Republican incumbent Donald Carcieri had served his two-term limit, therefore, he could no longer run.  While Lincoln Chafee was a Senator, he left the Republican party (he always considered himself this "moderate" being) and became an Independent.  Some independent!  Some moderate!  He leans more left than even some of your wackiest Democrats, resulting in an endorsement by Barack Obama.
One of his opponents was Republican John Robitaille, who I voted for - he firmly believes in family, he is firmly pro-life, unlike Chafee, who is blatantly the opposite.
The Democratic candidate was Frank Caprio.  I was not thrilled that he was pro-abortion (sorry, I don't use the word "pro-choice" when it comes to a child that could be brought to this earth and is aborted just because some whore can't keep her legs closed and/or she can't get her man of the day to put on a rubber).  I did like the fact, however, that he was ballsy enough to tell Obama to take his endorsement and "really shove it as far as I'm concerned".
Four other candidates from "third parties" also ran.

The top three candidates ran rather closely for most of the night.  Robitaille (my choice) held the lead for most of the night.  In just minutes before it was all over, it was suddenly Chafee (pro-abortion, pro-family destruction, and pro-protection of murder suspects - namely one who killed people while robbing a bank in Woonsocket, referred to by many of us as "Governor Gump") who mysteriously won the election with only 36% of the vote.  Robitaille got 34%, and Caprio 23%.  Ken Block, a member of the "Moderate Party" got 6%, and the other three independents, less than 1% each.  With every goofy move Chafee makes, he should be reminded that 64% of Rhode Island voters voted against him.

Unfortunately, the David Cicilline win for United States Congress, RI District 1, was by a landslide.  Cicilline and Chafee share similar political views.  Barney Frank, MA District 4, also won by a landslide - unfortunately!  The bright side to the Barney Frank saga is that he kept his vow to step down after he completed the following term.

Let's go to the election that took place just this past Tuesday - yes, 6 November 2012!

For most of the evening, things were looking quite good for Brendan Doherty, a Republican who was running for the house seat occupied by Cicilline (referred to by many here as "Chick-a-chini").  For most of the evening he held the lead - until those last few minutes, when his lead started to mysteriously dwindle.
In the Massachusetts senate seat that was long occupied by Ted Kennedy, incumbent Scott Brown suffered a similar last minute come-from-behind fate by Democrat Elizabeth Warren, who, in her campaign commercials, FEARED that Roe vs. Wade could be overturned like if it was a bad thing.  Seriously, folks, if Roe vs. Wade was to be overturned tomorrow, I'd be happier than a pig in shit!
And of course, the God-rejecting, Allah-loving, communist leaning, Muslim Brotherhood supporting, pro-abortion, pro-family destruction, pro-overall culture of death, President of the United States, Barack (Saddam) Hussein Obama (bin Laden), who bows, kow-tows, and apologizes to other countries, and his Vice President, self-proclaimed Catholic Joe Biden, who denounces the teachings of his own Church on abortion and marriage.  His opponent, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and his vice-presidential running mate Paul Ryan (who I voted for).  I'm afraid Mitt was kinda flip-floppy on his stance on abortion, but not blatantly pro-death as the Obama/Biden ticket.  Paul Ryan, a Catholic, is pro-life and pro-family.  I would have liked to see a Ryan/Romney ticket instead of Romney/Ryan, basically because Ryan seemed more solid.  But it is what it is.  As for the results - until about 11 PM EST, Romney still had a lead.  Not a huge lead, but a lead.  However, that too got changed in the last hours of polling counts.  Obama won by a landslide in Rhode Island, unfortunate for a state that is statistically 60+% Catholic.  Yet the culture of death prevailed once again!  WTF?

All these come-from-behind victories by the unfit can't be that coincidental, can it?  I wish I could prove foul play.  I'm sure there are people looking to do just that.  I think of all those Red Sox games blown in the ninth inning when Bobby Valentine would send Alfredo Aceves up to the mound to erase the Sox lead.

I'm not a sore loser.  But something just isn't right!


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Of course the elections were rigged ;)....something tells me this was completely done on purpose. Mittens never stood a chance....