Wednesday, November 7, 2012

XI-XI-XII (Dominica XXXII)

A primer on your Roman numerals, eh?  Well, here is the music we're doing at Sacred Heart for this Veteran's Day, that is, liturgically, the Thirty-Second Sunday of Ordered Time.

And just for you Roman Numeral buffs, I will list the hymn numbers in Roman Numerals.  You figure out the Arabic Numerals.  All the numbers are in Hymnal MCMXL (to our parishioners, that's "The Maroon Hymnal").  If you look these up in the "Index of First Lines" of said hymnal, you're cheating!  ;P

Mass Ordinary: Laus Tibi Christe (F. Caudana)
Psalm CXLVI (that's Psalm CXLV for you Vulgate fans): Praise the Lord, my soul (R. Rice)
Alleluia: from the hymn "Christ is the King" ("Gelobt sei Gott") (verse of the day: tone VIII-G)

Entrance: DXXXVII - Christ for the world, we sing ("Italian Hymn")
Offertory: CDXVIII - Blest are the pure in heart ("Franconia")
Communion: Be thou my vision (J.H. Desrocquettes; harm. BMP)
Meditation: CCXXIII - Jesus, Son of Mary ("Adoro Te"; Mode V)
Recessional: CXLIII - God of our fathers ("National Hymn")


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