Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Common Sense, and Pokemon Go

The most popular download these days: Pokemon Go.

Technology has invented quite a craze, and it actually gets people away from the X-Box.  Of course, they still have to take their phone (or other suitable technological device) with them.  And just like using your phone while driving, there are some risks, especially if you don't use common sense.

Channel 12 in Providence (WPRI-TV) has the skinny.  Think of this as a warning, you know, just like those placed on medicine bottles and cigarette packs.

While I don't intend on personally downloading the game anytime soon, I, as a dad of four now-grown children (and now a granddad), know a few of the characters and have even watched some episodes over the years.  I also have made some entertainment value of some of the events that have happened, simply because some have not used the common sense they have, and others just have no common sense altogether.

On a less dangerous yet much more entertaining note: while in the car with my wife and my daughter, four people were out in front of a church in Pawtucket with their phones in hand as if they were mining for gold (and their phones were metal detectors).  I really wanted to tell them so badly that Pikachu was in the church, going to confession.  In response to a Facebook post by a family friend who was looking for Charmeleon (whose charring of Ash's face I found entertaining), I responded with something to the line of "I heard there's a Snorlax sighting in South Providence".  (Side note #1: South Providence, along with Olneyville, are the two worst sections of Providence, in my snarky opinion.)  When this friend jokingly asked if Snorlax was me, I asked her "Why the hell would I be in South Providence?  Besides, I identify as Psyduck!"  (I might have creeped some people out, including myself, if I was to identify as Jigglypuff.  LMAO!)  It should also be known that Snorlax weighs four times what I weigh.

Even one of the more dangerous stories gave me reason to poke fun at those who lack the basic common sense needed to "catch'em all".  There was a story where some people used the game to lure unsuspecting people to a site, where they would later be robbed at gunpoint.  Now, clearly this was the work of Team Rocket, thus making Meowth the first Pokemon to get his face plastered on a "Wanted" poster.

Then you have the people who get hit by a car because they didn't do what their parents taught them (or should have taught them) when they were little: LOOK BOTH WAYS!  Bulbasaur will still be near the manhole cover after the cars have crossed.  Then there are the idiots who stop their cars in the middle of the Interstate to catch Exeggcute.  They, like the Black Lives Matter idiots that take to the Interstate, are calling for their own "exeggcution" once they get on the highway (You know, the sign on the entrance ramp does say "Bicycles, Pedestrians, Horses prohibited" for a reason).  (Side note #2: When it comes to BLM riots, the cops in Phoenix did it right, and kept the thugs off I-10.)

Finally, common sense should also tell you to stay off other people's private property.  If you fail to do this, beware of the banjo picker on the porch who just happens to have a rahfle bah his sahd!

If you take four pills every four hours and the bottle says take only one, DON'T BLAME THE PILLS if you keel over.  Further, don't blame your doctor, your pharmacist, or Pfizer.  Just like if you smoke three decks of cigarettes a day despite the warnings on the side of the deck and you land up on artificial air the rest of your life, along with a voice box, DON'T BLAME THE CIGARETTES, nor the Marlboro Cowboy, nor Philip Morris!  If you're on the road driving at 80 miles an hour where the speed limit is 35 and you get wrecked, DON'T BLAME THE CAR, nor General Motors, nor the Police (Black Lives Matter does enough of that baloney).  Same thing goes with Pokemon Go.  If you do get toppled like a bowling pin because you decided to just run out into the road, phone in hand, and none of the common sense that would tell you to look both ways, DON'T BLAME THE GAME, don't blame iTunes, don't blame your phone.  The game is only as safe or as dangerous as you make it!

Quod scripsi, scripsi!

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