Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Presidents of the United States of Bedrock

Another iSNARK! twisted thought, straight from the Scriptorium!

Call me weird, but I come up with some of the craziest thoughts while showering.  See, while cleansing my body, I also cleanse my brain to make room for these crazy/sick/twisted/weird ideas.

Today's twisted thought: Who were the Presidents of the United States of Bedrock?  Well, just like in America in the Year of Our Lord, there were 44 (numbered, that is, counting both terms of Grover Cleverock separately, just like in the history books).  Here they are:

1. George Stonington
2. John Adamstone
3. Thomas Jefferstone
4. James Madistone
5. James Monrock
6. John Quartz Adamstone
7. Androck Jackstone
8. Martin Van Burock
9. William Henry Harristone
10. John Tylerock
11. James Rocks Polk
12. Zacharock Taylor
13. Millrock Fillmore
14. Rocklin Pierstone
15. James Rockanon
16. Abraham Linkrock
17. Androck Johnstone
18. Ulysses S. Gravel
19. Rockerford B. Hayes
20. James Gravelfield
21. Chester Artrock
22 and 24. Grover Cleverock
23. Benjamin Harristone
25. William McKinrock
26. Teddy Rockavelt
27. William Howard Tarpit
28. Woodrow Wilstone
29. Warren G. Hardrock
30. Calvin Rockridge
31. Herbert Hoovrock
32. Franklin D. Rockavelt
33. Harry Trumarock
34. Dwight David Rockenhower
35. John Fitzgranite Kennedy
36. Lyndon B. Johnstone
37. Richard Nickelstone
38. Gerald Fordrock
39. Jimmy Cartrock
40. Rocky Reagan
41. George H. W. Bushrock
42. Bill Clintrock
43. George W. Bushrock
44. Cragrock Obamastone

And as long as #45 doesn't become Hillary Clintrock, I'll be happy.

Quod scripsi, scripsi!

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