Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving Day and I Advent

This Thursday, Thanksgiving Day here in the United States, we have one Mass at 9 AM.  It's also the last day of the Laus Tibi Christe Mass, for a time. 😉
For the season of Advent, we'll be keeping it simple by using Mass XVIII (the simplest set of Mass chants).


Thanksgiving Day
Thursday, XI-24 at 9 AM

Music for this Mass will be provided by the trio of me, myself, and I.

Ordinary: Messa Populare "Laus Tibi Christe" (Caudana) (Gloria is omitted)
Psalm 113: R./ Blessed be the Name of the Lord for ever (Psalm Tone 8G)
Alleluia: from Gelobt sei Gott

Prelude: improvisation on theme TBD
Elevations: improvisation based on Nun Danket
Postlude: Now Thank We All Our God (Sigfried Karg-Elert) (first portion)

Hymns, etc.:
We gather together, ("Kremser")
Come, ye thankful people, come ("St. George's Windsor")
Sing to the Lord of harvest ("Wie Lieblich ist der Maien")
Now thank we all our God ("Nun Danket")

First Sunday of Advent
Saturday, XI-26 at 5 PM, Sunday, XI-27 at 7:30, 9, and 11:15 AM

Ordinary: Mass XVIII (Gloria is omitted)
Psalm 122: R./ Let us go rejoicing to the house of the Lord (BMP) (PDF)
Alleluia Conditor Alme Siderum (Mode IV/BMP) (PDF)

Prelude: improvisation on Veni, Emmanuel (modeled after Arthur Harris)
Elevations: improvisation on Conditor Alme Siderum
Postlude: improvisation on theme TBD

Hymns, etc.:
Lo, he comes with clouds descending ("Helmsley")
The King shall come when morning dawns ("St. Stephen")
To you I lift my soul ("Love Unknown"/text by John Dunn)
Jesus, Son of Mary ("Adoro Te Devote"/Mode V)
O come, O come, Emmanuel ("Veni, Emmanuel"/Mode I)

Quod scripsi, scripsi!

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